Do Demons Exist?

Most everyone has their own opinions about whether demons are real, or not.  Literally every culture throughout history has made reference in one way or another to these dark, supernatural, scary beings. But are they real? Do demons really exist?

According to a recent US poll, 45% of the population believes in demons and ghosts.  That’s a lot considering it doesn’t include the percentage of people who are on the fence, with “undecided” answers.

As a professional psychic medium, it’s my job to communicate with Spirits. I was born with this God given gift, and I do not take it for granted.  I always try to present information about the supernatural based on my authentic truth, personal understanding and first hand experience.


Even the Catholic Church believes in Demons. Most cultures have scary tales about demons, and literature from every corner of the world illuminates the ‘darkness’ with shape and form, usually personified. People pay lots of money hiring priests to exorcise demons from individuals supposedly possessed.

Over the years I have met several people – even psychics, who claim they have experienced “attachments” of  a demonic nature. One in particular,  shared a horrible story about a demon who was polluting her toilet and making a mess of things in the bathroom.  I have no reason to deny her experience. For her, it was true.

Personally, I have never seen nor felt a demon. In fact, I have never experienced anything but Divine Light and Love from the Spirit World.

But I have experienced “dark energy” that was trapped in our realm. But this is dark Energy, not a living, dark Spirit.

Born a psychic medium, I’m currently writing a book with over 43 chapters of personal stories based on real experiences with the supernatural: spirits, ghosts, and haunted houses.  Yes!  But Demons? No, never!  I’ve never  witnessed anything but loving energy from the spirit world. Even the ghosts are kind. Even dark energy that is trapped is not demonic, although an unfamiliar eye might misinterpret energy for spirit activity and tag it as demonic.  Again, I have never had any experience with anything even close to demons. I have only seen Living Spirits (residing in another dimension) as beautiful, loving beings of Light!

Demons have served organized religion nicely.

For those who believe in demons, it’s a great relief to know you can pay a priest a lot of money to exorcise the demon. It was important for religions to teach people about demons so they would believe in them, and then use the priest to drive the demon away at a cost that would benefit the religious organization. What a great gig!

In fact, one the first depictions of demons in art can be found in the Baptistry of the church Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, Italy. Built in the late 900’s, the intricately tiled walls and ceiling depict horned devils, and creepy monsters supposedly residing in the darkness. This visual depiction of Hell was intended to intimidate and frighten people to gravitate to the church for moral and spiritual safety. Through tithing and donations to priests, you could literally purchase insurance against evil spirits. Of course the money went to the church. Demon protection was a great money maker for religious institutions in many cultures. But, this does not make them real.

Again, for over 63 years I have been witnessing Spirits, listening to those across the veil who come to communicate with loved ones left behind. I have literally experienced hundreds of supernatural events. Yet, I have never experienced a living Spirit that was demonic. Dark Energy however, (what some people may refer to as demonic in nature) is simply a traumatic event that is caught in a web, between worlds.

This is much like an X Ray, or even better, an Echo of energy that is trapped in a space time frequency in this dimension.

But it is not real. Just like the echo is not the original voice or sound. It is simply a reverberation of the original. We live in a holographic universe.  Information from real experiences is reflected in a ripple effect much like the waves generated from a stone cast upon a pond. The stone is the event, and the ripple is it’s reflection. Dark, or so called evil energy is just that – energy trapped in the space time dimension rippling away from the original action that no longer exists.

Evil events occurring on the earth plane can be trapped in this dimension.

Evil acts can produce dark energy that some people who are sensitive can witness.  But it is not real, just like a record of a song is not the band playing. Even a dark, evil person on earth transforms back to the divine light of God/Spirit upon awakening from the human dream.  Everything that is true Spirit therefore, is always divine in nature.

I do not believe in hell, or demons as real. But I understand there is evil energy on the earth plane. But true evil and darkness is confined to the dream state of this dimension.  I know, as my divine truth, that when our soul leaves this incarnation – when we wake up from this earthly dream and return to the Source – there is only Love.  Death from this incarnation is nothing to fear. There is only the Light across the veil, and Heaven is for real.

Stay tuned for the next article: More Proof of Heaven! Happy  Holidays from the Blue Zone!

A small brown bird transformed before my eyes, turning bright translucent gold, then disappeared.



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