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Origins of the Psychic Gift:  “How did you know you were psychic?” Sally Rice is a psychic medium based in Tamarindo Costa Rica. She describes her memories of life beyond the veil, and how she discovered her gift as a medium. Sally describes her memories of being across the veil, and the soul contract she created before incarnating to this present life.

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Video Transcription

People often ask me how did you know you were psychic, or when did you discover that you were psychic. I realize that the answer to this question is a little uncomfortable for some people, but it’s the truth and I can only share with you my truth. That’s all I know. The answer is I came into this incarnation with a full memory of my past life, and a memory of being in spirit, and a memory of being in the Hall of Souls where I was involved in making my life contract for this incarnation. I can go into a lot of details about that. I have visuals and I remember it very distinctly.

So, with that memory how did it manifest? Well, one of my earliest memories was when I was old enough to sit but still in diapers. I remember being on the dining room floor sitting down and having full conscious awareness of my memory of where I had come from. I was thinking about the Hall of Souls, and I was thinking about the contract that I had made, specifically with my mother and how we were to work through some of our relationship issues in this incarnation. As I was sitting there I remember the feeling of being an adult. In other words, the memory of that moment feels the same as a memory that I have today of say yesterday. I don’t have any separation between the child and the adult. So, that was the first conscious memory. But, as my mother came down the stairs to get me I remember making eye contact with her and seeing in her eyes that she had actually forgot, and I remember to this day the shock that I had for realizing that she didn’t remember our contract, and it was quite something at the time.

As I got older I was very accustomed to seeing spirits, ghosts, whatever you’d like to call them. I saw them as physical beings just like you see normal people. I also saw spirit energies as fog, kind of different colored reds, and pinks, and blues, depending on the spirit. I had spirits that came and visited me. Of course, I also started at a very young age to get impressions about other people and what they might be feeling. I learned when I was around 12 that that was inappropriate and that I shouldn’t be talking about things like that. I had come from a very conservative family. My parents were professors, and architects, and engineers in our family, so it was a very academic background that I was exposed to, and the talk of the esoteric or, certainly, talk of spirits and ghosts was absolutely not appreciated under the household roof where I grew up. But that didn’t seem to stop me, because I started doing readings for people when I was about 12 and then continued on throughout my entire life.

I began working as a psychic professionally when I was 50. Before that I sort of put it in a nice neat little box and didn’t talk about it because, again, I was involved in more academic professions. I began my first career as an international tour guide leading groups around Europe and Africa. Later I became a costume designer for the motion picture industry. Both of those careers were not conducive to psychic talk, so I didn’t really start my work until, again, I was in my 50s. That’s a little bit of an idea of where it started. Again, I am a psychic by birth, but now I am a certified, multiply tested, and verified psychic, as well as a Certified Reiki Practitioner. So, I hope that helps you a little bit understand the origins of the psychic gift. Okay, talk to you later. Bye-bye.

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