Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine, and the Energy of Gaia

Love Mother Earth

“Just as the Divine Feminine in the form of a human mother forever prays in her heart for her beloved child, so does the Cosmic Mother keep written in her heart every prayer you have ever whispered from your secret soul into the universe.

This utterly tender aspect of Spirit is experienced by those who turn to it with the trusting abandon of a child to its mother. So when times of spiritual dryness fall upon you, when formal prayer seems beyond your reach, remember to turn to the sanctuary within your soul and let the Cosmic Mother bathe you in her grace, her all-embracing, unconditional love. You will be overwhelmed by her constant availability. And on this you may rely: Although the Cosmic Mother is beyond description, She will rush into your experience as a most intimate handmaiden to your healing and transformation.”

Mother’s Day Message from Rev. Michael Beckwith, Agape Spiritual Center

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