Manifestation and Creating Your Own Reality

Learn step by step how to move thought energy from the 5D into the 3D.

In this video psychic medium Sally Rice explains the concept of Manifestation:

“As spiritual beings, we all possess the ability, the power, to create and shape our destiny. But often, thoughts of fear, worry and doubt cloud our perception, and block our ability to bring forth that which serves our highest good.”

Sally breaks down the process of creating your own reality by following a simple mental process.

“Here’s hoping you discover here, how to manifest your dreams using your own body’s rocket fuel as energy.”
Sally Rice

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Video Transcript:

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Agape, Costa Rica. Today I wanted to talk with you a little bit about manifestation, my favorite subject, the flavor of the week, and something everybody seems so concerned about right now. They want to manifest. I understand. We all want to manifest, but let’s just do it the right way.

Often what I hear is people say, “Well I’m going to concentrate and think about what I want to manifest, and if I really think about it hard enough, it will come to pass because after all, thoughts become thinks. Well, that’s true to a certain extent, but that’s not exactly how you manifest.

Now the easiest way to understand the concept of manifestation is to think about a rocket ship. I want you to imagine that what you’re trying to manifest, whatever it is, doesn’t matter. I want you to think of that as an object, and I want you to think about it as a rocket ship, a beautiful brand new rocket ship that’s perfect and silver and grand and powerful, and ready to take off and take you where you want to go. That is what you’re trying to manifest. But in order for this manifestation to occur, we need to have the fuel to get the rocket ship off the ground because a thought is great, just like a rocket, wonderful. A thought is perfect, great thought, but it’s not going to take off the ground without fuel.

What is the fuel to manifest the rocket ship taking off and traveling to outer space? It’s your emotion. It’s your feeling. Let me give you an example. Let’s pretend I’m trying to manifest the perfect relationship. So I’ll say, “Oh, I can see this individual and they have these qualities and they’re just like this, and I’m going to really focus on that, and think about that person. But deep down inside I have a little feeling of fear or I think, “Maybe I’m not deserving of that person, or what if I don’t find it? What if something goes wrong, or what if they don’t like me?”

Now it doesn’t need to be those thoughts exactly, but it can be any emotional feeling that does not support your manifestation, any emotion that does not say, “I’ve got it. I have it.” That’s going to actually work against you, and so that rocket ship as beautiful as it is, will never leave the earth.

So what we want to do is concentrate not so much on the thought of what you want to manifest, but the feeling of manifesting it. This is where I sometimes have to explain to my clients that it’s little bit like you’re not telling the truth or like you’re playing with time, but in order to manifest you need to sort of pretend, project yourself into the future, and imagine, feel, really believe that the event that you’re trying to manifest has already happened. It’s in the past. You got it. It’s a done deal.

That relationship? Oh, I love it. I just love waking up with this person. I love what we do together. It’s so cool. He’s so cute. I feel the relationship. When I think about it I don’t think of my thoughts, I focus on my feelings because remember, the universe doesn’t care about positive or negative, the universe doesn’t care really about what thoughts you make. The universe cares about the emotion you put behind the thought.

So if your thought is a great thought, but the emotion backing it up is fear based, or self doubt or worry, that rocket ship, I’m sorry, is not going to take off.

We want to create the fuel to launch our rocket ship, the idea, that’s based on an emotion, a future emotion, of joy. That’s what they say when they say, “Oh we want to be grateful, grateful.” Well grateful means, “I have it.” Grateful tells me, “I got it already.”

So, again, propelling yourself into the future so that you already have what you’re imagining, and you feel the gratitude because it has happened already. Therefore, that emotion of gratitude, “Yay, I got it,” is the fuel that then propels the idea.

Then your rocket ship can take off. But if you don’t have any fuel, if you don’t have emotional baggage so to speak, to get that beautiful machine off the ground, then you can think all you want, and you can have all the positive thoughts you want, but it’s not going to happen.

So in conclusion, what we want to do in order to manifest, focus on the fuel. Focus on the emotion that’s going to … Yes, I got it. I’m going there. I have that job. I love my job. I love the location. Imagine yourself in the future already having achieved it, and that’s how you bring it to pass.

Okay? Just a quick tip from Agape, Costa Rica. Take care guys. Talk to you again soon.

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