How Does A Psychic Connect to Spirit?

Are Psychic Readings By Phone as Good as Psychic Reading In Person?


Many people have asked me these questions: How does a psychic connect to Spirit? Do I need to be physically next to my psychic medium? Is the quality of a psychic reading by phone as good and as accurate as an in person, face to face reading? Can a psychic connect to loved ones across the veil when they are remote? These are valid, reasonable concerns, and fortunately there are easy answers.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a psychic reading sitting directly in front of your psychic medium. You could be present or a thousands of miles away. Your angelic team and ancestral spirit guides don’t care. Your spirit family can see you clearly while using your psychic, (wherever he or she may be) as an antenna or receiver to deliver the information. Here’s how and why:

Spirit energies operate outside the space time dimension, so they don’t care one bit where you are on the planet, because the information psychics access from them is outside this realm. The psychic reader is tapping into a different dimension, a greater reality.

Thankfully, modern science and spirituality are on a collision course. Finally, what the mystics and shamans have referred to for over 5,000 years as the “realm of spirits” now has been acknowledged by the scientific community. It has been named the Higgs Field, but it is also known as Dark Matter and The Quantum Field. It is that infinite space that makes up 95.1% of all matter in the Universe. But let’s be clear, science is opening a limited aperture to this new age wisdom. But among the reductive materialists, there is still a lot of controversy and misunderstanding of the nature of the universe. Fortunately, a new paradigm is emerging that will ultimately result in the collaborative union of science and spirituality.

Also known by psychics and mystics as the Akashic field, this mysterious realm is now the focus of a new-age scientific community. Among lightworkers and shamans, this is ancient (common) knowledge. The psychic taps into this field: the multi-dimensional zone outside and beyond our linear space time dimension. Our tiny world, the 3D world, represents only 4.9% of what’s out there on the physical plane. The psychic is working outside the 3D, tapping into Higgs Field – the 95.1%.

The information obtained is not confined to liner space and time. It is the etheric realm that is still full of mystery and magic. While the scientific community has barely scratched the surface, it is as close as we’ve come to understanding the miracle of creation. The vastness of the Higgs Field is almost unimaginable, because contemplating the infinite is mind-blowing.

For those skeptics, non-believers or those curious brainiacs, check out the most awesome documentary outlining the science behind this magic. In The Connected Universe, physicist Nassim Haramein  paints a beautiful comprehensive picture, both visually and conceptually, of the infinite universe. The Library of Congress recorded Haramein’s papers and research  in December of 2012 – truly an auspicious date and event. The correlation to the Mayan Calendar 12-12 is worth noting.

 Nassim Haramein continues to receive recognition by the most progressive scientific communities internationally. He is indeed, the Galileo of the 21st century.  This is great news for the Spiritualists because it reveals that the modern science is birthing a new paradigm that corroborates the belief system of the indigenous shamanic practitioners who have been sharing this same wisdom for over 5 thousand years.

This “new thought ancient wisdom” – as our beloved spiritual teacher Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith calls it – is within all of us. Each individual can tap into, and access, this holy space. It is both outside this space time dimension, and infinitely surrounding this dimension. And each one of us has the capability of connecting to the field which holds all knowledge and divine truth.

This is the place that psychics, seers, and mystics call home. It is both within us and all around us. The omnipotent forces of the Universe, the eternal knowledge that connects us all, and the source of all truth is at our fingertips. Gratefully, scientists and spiritualists are finally in agreement about the existence of this magical space where Spirit energies join in concert to turn thought into matter. This space, the 95.1% of the energy field, can be considered like an incubator where form takes shape before manifesting into the 4.9% which is the space time dimension, otherwise known as Earth School.

This is where your psychic gets the info, from the 95.1% dimension, not the 4.9% which is already in the state of decomposition. So don’t worry about the location of your psychic, or whether you are near or far. A good psychic reader will be focusing on the Higgs Field.  Your psychic connects to the immense, ethereal realm that contains all information from here to eternity. And did you know the Universe sings, and has feelings?  These too are qualities of the universe that shamans and seers have known for thousands of years.

Above all, remember this: In the eternal realm where psychics connect to Spirit, there is no evil, no real darkness. There is only an omnipotent presence of Agape love.

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