Raising Your Inner Child

Overcoming Depression: This Life is But a Dream…

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  Who among us has not suffered from Depression? Especially in these crazy days of Covid, where the world is turned upside down. It’s so important to keep focus on what is Real, the True Reality of the Eternal.    “Life is But a Dream, Within a Dream…” Shakespeare   Here you go for now, …

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Discovering Your Life Purpose

As a spiritual being having a human incarnation, the day you ask “What is my purpose in life?” is a transitional moment of divine spiritual awakening! Perhaps it will happen when you are young, as it did for Lady Gaga. Or you might have to wait until you are 78, which is when the divine inspiration came to the famous painter Grandma Moses. Regardless of when it happens, know this: You can’t avoid discovering your life purpose. You can’t mess up this part of life. Discover your life purpose here.

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