Twin Flames in Life and Death

 What Happens When Your Twin Flame Dies?

No one likes to talk about Death, but it’s the biggest fact of Life. Perhaps the most horrible death experience is the loss of a child.  Closely following, and one of the most difficult deaths, is the loss of a lifelong partner. Poets, philosophers and even scientists have attempted to describe the profound love between two souls. But words fall short when we try to define the ethereal nature of true love, and the powerful, eternal bond that exists between twin flames.

I will love you forever.

Researching  the grieving process and the nature of suffering, I found great encouragement. There is abundant scientific evidence now available to support reincarnation and the soul contracts among twin flames separated by death. The numerous studies I uncovered shed light on why some couples who have been separated by death on the earthly plane reunite within a few months. Often the spouse left behind dies during this time frame.

The soul, trapped on the earthly plane following the death of a loved one, can tell the body to follow their partner to the other side. Now, we have the science to support this seemingly supernatural ability. Studies on reincarnation also help us understand the complex nature of the Soul and how two people can become co-dependent in their journey from here and beyond.

Popular and scientifically reputable magazines including Psychology Today and Scientific American report on this phenomenon – the ability of life-long partners to die within one year of each other – often without any medical ailment beyond the heart’s ability to shut down.

Oneness is the Foundation of A Soul Connection

Soul Connection flowers There is ancient wisdom rooted in the awareness of the soul’s ability to stay connected. It is the same wisdom that the ancient mystics and shamans have been sharing for centuries. This “eternal connection” is the foundation of the new global paradigm emerging: The concept of Universal Oneness.  Everything and everyone is divinely connected to one source, one energetic field.  It is this eternal connection that the twin flame left behind taps into when their loved one transitions.

The new thought/ancient wisdom idea of Oneness automatically incorporates reincarnation in its definition. That’s how the eternal Soul evolves. It’s a beautiful plan, an excellent design. Twin flames shall be forever connecting and re-connecting in this world and in worlds beyond. It is divinely written in the soul contract.

The University of Virginia produced strong evidence supporting reincarnation based on clinical studies spanning decades.  Reincarnation is a natural part of the soul’s evolution. It is therefore comforting to understand this divine truth when we lose our partner. ‘Knowing’ you will be reunited on the other side is a lot more reassuring than just ‘believing’ it might be true.

love hand gesture This collision of science and ancient wisdom helps us comprehend  how the soul contract works – especially regarding relationships involving twin flames who die at the same time.  How does that happen? What is it in the human body that allows the soul to transition following the death of a loved one? The answer lies in the heart. The heart contains ancient wisdom and the roots of consciousness. The heart is coded with your soul’s evolution and destiny. In fact, consciousness resides in the heart, not in the brain.

The Birth and Death Contract

Each one of us has an entry point and exit point from this lifetime which is predetermined by your soul contract. It’s a perfect design  that you created before you incarnated here. Yet knowing there is a divine design, (which there is) doesn’t make the grieving process any easier. Losing any loved one can take its toll on your health.  It’s important to listen to your body during the grieving time, and allow ample time to process the pain. Healing from a broken heart is unique for each individual. For a twin flame, the loss of a partner might even be life threatening.

married coupleThe Widowhood Effect

The condition known as “the widowhood effect,” reveals spouses have a 66% increased chance of dying in the first three months following their partners death. These statistics are based on a 2013 study of 12,316 participants followed for over 10 years. The results, published in the Journal of Public Health were conservative with 66%, considering previous study showed a 90% increased risk of death following the loss of a partner. After the first three months, the risk of death drops to 15% according to the 2013 study.  Men and women are both equally susceptible to the widowhood effect.

A 2008 National Institute of Health study examined more than 370,000 elderly married couples in the United States. This research found that within the first three months after one spouse dies, the chance that their partner will also pass is between 30 and 90 percent.

According to the University Hospital Science of Health Blog:

“The death of a wife correlated to an 18 percent increase in mortality for men, while the death of a husband correlated to a 16 percent increase in mortality for women.

In a recent article from the Harvard School of Public Health:

It’s unclear what causes the increased death risk from losing a spouse. “It’s possible it’s a grief-related mechanism, or that providing care for the sick spouse causes illness in the surviving spouse, or that, as one’s spouse gets sicker, the surviving spouse stops taking care of their own health,” said senior author [[S V Subramanian]], professor of population health and geography in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at HSPH, in a November 14, 2013 Reuters article.

The widowhood effect has the medical community divided regarding its nature and cause. Yet, the spiritual community is fairly clear on what’s going on. We are spiritual beings with profound power and wisdom, and as One, two souls can travel together through lifetimes. It is the eternal soul connection between twin flames. Nothing can extinguish the fire of true love.  Deep connective tissue binds the twin flames in a unique journey through multiple lifetimes and dimensions. This is true love in action. It is the miracle of the circle of life.

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49 thoughts on “Twin Flames in Life and Death”

  1. I am a twin flame, and have been on this journey for 31 years, both of us reaching for each other and a physical union. He just died 3 weeks ago, and this article is unsettling. Ive been in soul shock and grief like nothing i’ve experienced, but i have two young children and reading this makes me worry. I have no idea what to do, and i’m trying to find my twin but i can’t. i can’t feel him anymore, perhaps because my grief is too thick. I wish i could find him.

    1. Hello Dear Sabrina,

      I wrote you before but did not hear an answer. Losing someone is always painful, but don’t be unsettled by the strong connection between twin flames. The connection is eternal and nothing to fear, although grief is profound and that alone can be really scary. Please let me know if I can help you. But continuing to research and study the eternal life and twin flames is very productive even during this hard time.

      1. I too have lost my twin flame, and I also feel the extreme pull everyday, which in all honesty excites me more than I can say, but I also believe certain things are holding the crossing over up and hopefully this is it.
        Your twin flame knows you aren’t going to leave your children high and dry.
        He’s going to want you to make those children are taken care of before you join him. I have to believe that because how do you think I made it
        5 months with chest pains so bad sometimes I would drop to my knees and holler “Just let her get into college!” and they would stop.

        1. Hello Wendy,
          Thank you for your wise words, and the insight on the grief process after losing a twin flame. Once we realize that the Time energy is the only true conflict (this life is but a second in the evolution of our soul), we can realize that our hearts are eternally entwined, and we never really lose our loved ones. These days I am recommending the Netflix series “Surviving Death” to understand this concept more fully. It helps the healing process:

          Again, thank you for sharing.

          Love and Light,

    2. I feel like I wrote this, I just lost my twin flame 5 weeks ago. After 20 years of union here. I have two small children. I can feel my twin but it’s in mostly small moments. A few big signs too. My heart aches for you and your children. I’m so sorry but know they are waiting for you.

      1. Thank You Kim, your words are comforting and I pray you are healing as you learn to connect with your twin flame across the veil.

        Blessings to you, and peace be still…


    3. Even though very difficult, maybe try to stop trying to find him. Go within, find yourself again and most likely they will appear.

      1. Hello Madam Raven,

        Yes, I agree, but with clarification to Sabrina: While we want to set our “intention to connect to spirit” keeping the link open and available from our heart space, we don’t want to “order spirit to perform”. I had a client who kept telling her husband who had just crossed over: “If you are here, then show me a sign..” because this energy is coming from the head, the ego, the lower self. Spirit comes to us when are least expecting it, when we move out our head space, and back into our heart space, the present, the dreamy earth dream state we can fall into when gardening, or driving, or doing something mindless (fetch water, chop wood). Then Spirit Divine takes us over because we are available. So, as Madam Raven said, “stop trying to find him..(brain space) and Go within…(heart space).
        Sending Love and Light from the Blue Zone.

  2. I don’t know how to be without my twin flame. We were close for 7 years through recovery and he lost his battle with addiction. I stayed sober and am grieving, trying to find a way to stay connected to him.

    1. Hello Kelly,

      There is no pain like grief, and the time it takes to heal is different for every person. Stay connected through conscious dialogue with your twin flame, and know that this moment is but a grain of sand in your soul’ evolution. You are eternally entangled with your soul mates, twin flame, and soul tribe. Peace be Still….

      1. Hi
        I list my twin flame 10 weeks ago and it has been a avalanche of emotions.We were platonic for 8 years and my heart opened the week he had a stroke and I realised how deeply I was in love with him. I got to tell him 24 hours before he transitioned.
        We re connected within a number of days and communication is surreal. But I yearn for him.


        1. Hello Inga,

          What a blessing that you were able to communicate your love before your twin flame crossed over. Yes, the connection between two souls of this intensity is indeed surreal, and must be cherished and honored with our deepest heart awareness. There is no cure for heartbreak, only the depth of our souls awareness and transformation, as this is always the end result of the journey in and out of each lifetime. Life is eternal, our souls never lose one another, we just undulate like breathing, in and out, forever, eternally. Bless you sweet Inga.


        2. Hello Inga,

          If you are writing me here, then you have read my article on Twin Flames in Life and Death. Grieving from the loss of a loved one is painful and long. No one can tell you how to grieve, so all we can do is weather the storm and wait for the healing process to complete its stages. I’m so happy that you were able to open your heart to him before he transitioned. However, that is healing for You, since, once the soul transitions, it becomes All Knowing too, and therefore, he Knows the depth of your love, even if you hadn’t expressed it prior to his crossing. I send you love, and hope that you find peace in your heart,knowing that life and our relationships are eternal.



    2. Hello Kelly,
      I’m sending love and healing for your heart during this difficult time. I’d like to answer your question: “how to stay connected” in a video response because it’s so deep complex. But briefly, when a loving twin flame crosses, it can take awhile for the one left behind to feel and connect to the energy across the veil. But I promise, even though you say “I don’t know how to be without my twin flame..” you will learn to connect! Because that’s what we humans are capable of. But it takes time, and there is no guide book…kind of like parenting. But learning to connect to Spirit, in all its forms, is literally human nature. It is a hard road to hoe, but you will be, and already are, thriving and growing like a beautiful flower unfolding. I bless you on your journey and will address your email question in one of my online videos available on youtube and on my website under the blog category. Love and Light to you Kelly, and peace in your heart..

      1. Hi sally! My twin flame passed 3 weeks ago and I’m searching for ways to connect with him because I feel him and want to learn more about it!

        1. Hello Sophia,
          I’m sorry for your loss, yet excited that you are open and eager to connect with your twin flame as he journeys in the eternal light. This is a big…no, huge experience for so many souls in earth school nowadays, as many are transitioning and those left behind are struggling to connect and experience the nature of the Eternal. We never look at this subject unless we experience the crossing of a loved one – after all, who wants to confront death, in all its gestures? It is painful and people don’t want to feel pain. Yet this is precisely how we evolve, as the caterpillar transforms to the butterfly, and the fire breaks open the acorn to produce the oak… is the raw, gutsy part of our existence. But all IS divine, and there IS a purpose to all things. If I can help you in any way to facilitate your journey to connect to the Spirit world, please contact me and I’d love to help you journey here.

          Peace be Still,


  3. I had a twin flame connection with a wonderful lady but she sadly passed four months ago at times I feel the the pain of losing her is overwhelming I know I’ll never meet anyone like her again some days I still cry so much over her I just wish I was with was with her again. I’ve lost other people in my life but never felt anything like such a profound devastating sense of loss. I just want to reconnect with her. Any tips to ease this feeling please

    1. Hello Marc,
      There is no cure for grief, and in my experience and belief the act of grieving is as divine and holy as the act of love, for it is the same…We only grieve the ones we love, and the quality of our grief is equal to the quality and quantity of our love. Like a scale, love on one side, grief on the other…it balances out.
      The idea of handling loss and heartbreak is linked to each person’s connection with Spirit, and the understanding of what is indeed Eternal. Knowing that this life is a micro second, and that indeed you will be united with your twin flame soon, is ultimately the greatest truth that we can hold onto, while we journey through our classes in Earth school. Some days are easier than others, and over time you will find peace. I’m happy to help you connect if ever you need a session. Blessings and Light, comfort in your heart Marc….

  4. Beth Grindstaff

    Thank you for this article. I lost my wife to a completely unique form of highly-aggressive thyroid cancer almost 4 weeks ago. It came on so suddenly, with very little warning, and it took her after she fought for eight months. She was my home. And I am so beyond broken. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I can see how The Widowhood Effect might come into play. I have MS and it’s worsening considerably since she died. I am a poet, and that offers an outlet for some of the pain. I try to remember Rumi talking about being a guesthouse for all the things we feel. To welcome it in and sit with it. I am trying hard to do this, to feel the sharpness of my own brokenness. I can’t stand to be around other people right now. I live with my mother and love her so much, she is trying very hard to care for me and help me, but I can’t even stand to be around her. I’m 39. About to turn 40. And the life I thought was mine is gone. I know this is part of my soul contract, what I chose before I entered this body. But that doesn’t make it any less horrific, any less devastating.

    1. Hello My Darling Beth,

      Thank Spirit Eternal for the trust you felt sharing this divine beautiful story of you and your love, and the challenges you are experiencing now. I am honored that you shared with me, and I have so many thoughts, and “downloads from Spirit”, and perspectives I would like to share with you, but alas, it’s impossible to cover that in an email. Would you allow me to discuss this story in an anonymous answer to your questions in an online video? I am scheduled to make another in the next few days, and I”ve been struggling with a topic. This is so beautiful, even though You are currently living in the worst state of grief.

      Here is another article about grief that is important.

      But here is also a personal truth that is in my foundation of Knowing, directly from Spirit God: Grief will feel like a personal death. It is the biggest life pain, because The Weight of Grief is Equal to the Weight of Your Love…
      More love, more grief, and it’s horrible.

      But guess what. Your soul contract is fixed. You came into this incarnation on a pre-determined soul contract date, and your exit date is equally intact. You cannot change that. Just as the apple seed is coded to become the apple tree. You cannot wish it to be otherwise, and the life evolution cycle is coded for humans just as it is in nature.

      So, in the face of grief, you might very well wish death on…(I remember that feeling, when I lost my beloved, a few times).

      But you cannot argue with Spirit. You cannot Will your crossing-over to come sooner, to relieve your grief. It doesn’t work that way.
      Feel your grief and express it as it needs to be expressed, for it is equal to your love.

      Fear not. You Will Survive in this experience in the Most Profound, Divine Way! This is Your beautiful Earth Story Unfolding. But losing a loved one is the worst pain in Earth School. It just is.
      I will make my next online video about this subject, and the soul contract with regards to birth and crossing over in this incarnation. If you go to and subscribe, you will be notified when a new video is produced, as well as subscribing here on the website Both will alert you when it’s done. I hope to do it this weekend.

      I would love you to watch an important documentary about NDE’s (link below) so you feel more at peace with the omnipotent and omniscient presence of Spirit and the divine Story that belongs to You:

      Sending Love and Light,

      Sally Rice

  5. My twin flame passed away a year ago, August 11, which caused me a lot of anxiety. Now the anxiety is worse, along with grieving. I have always said that I couldn’t live in a world without him in it and now I have trouble sleeping and sometimes I just don’t want to be here. I ran from him for years, because of his addiction and my troubles. I still need to heal, but I’m not sure how without him here. I miss him terribly.

    1. Hello Tyra,
      Thank you for sharing your story; it helps us all on our road to recovery from loss. Grief is extremely debilitating, and the healing process is unique to each individual. And the time it takes to heal is also as unique as your fingerprint – so take all the time you need. Know that grief is actually part of the healing process…you are actually expanding your awareness of your soul connection and life purpose when you take the time to meditate on the relationship and the soul contract you have together.
      Please know that I am here to help you if you need guidance from Your Spirit Team, to connect, and to better understand the soul journey in Earth school.
      I highly recommend you read the book Proof of Heaven, by Dr. Eben Alexander to help you understand that the Divine is ALWAYS present, and there is love surrounding you at this very moment, as Your soul journeys from grieving to awakening of your Spirit destiny. I send you love and light. Know that you are surrounded by your dynamic spirit guides who never leave your side. You are divinely Loved.
      Peace and Blessings,

  6. I lost my husband/twinflame to a mental illness that caused suicide. I cry every single day and have for almost 2 years. I have so many unanswered questions. I’ve tried repeatedly to make contact with him but I’ve failed each time. He was my life and I am lost without him. What can I do?

    1. Hello Jerri,
      I’m so sorry for your loss, and the pain that you still bare inside your heart. I would love to help you process, and answer your questions about your husband. There are no easy answers, but I can share of course what I believe is the best resource to understanding our journey in Earth school, especially when there is a loss from suicide. If you haven’t read it already, please read Proof of Heaven, by Dr. Eben Alexander. It will answer many of your questions. It is so important to understand the soul contract – that all entry points and exit points are predetermined prior to our incarnation.
      One of my favorite lines of the book is: You can do no harm.

      Sending much love and peace for your heart, as you continue your journey. Please know I am available to help you in any way if you choose to book a private session so we can connect to Your Spirit Team.



  7. Hi, My twin flame left me on this side on 8/21/2020 from complications with covid. We are classic twin flames having limited time together, very intense, finally married for four years before he passed. He would say he is home with me, she is me, and that he out magnets in me and we always come back together. I feel him around me now and he has sent various signs to me and my daughter. Anything you can share would be appreciated.

    1. Hello Trish,
      Thank you for sharing Your precious story of your twin flame. I’m so sorry that you are grieving this loss, so soon after marriage. What a wise and evolved soul he was. The “she is me” shows that he is fully aware of the beautiful extension of his spirit, and the eternal connection of loving souls. Yes to all his words, YES YES YES. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone were as “awakened” as he is, forevermore.
      Also, your ability to communicate with him, and your daughter’s connection too, should show you that your relationship is just evolving, he is not gone, and he will continue to communicate with you…again, eternally.
      In the meantime however, the grieving process must be experienced in its full splendor, as painful as it is. The process is personal to everyone, but it provides the perfect platform for reliving all past journeys together, and to also help the soul heal in knowing, finally, that the connection is eternal, and that this lifetime is but a fraction of a second in the lifetime of twin flames journeying through the eternal Now.
      Of course, I always recommend Dr. Eben Alexander’s books: Proof of Heaven, and Map of Heaven. Must reads, for anyone experiencing loss.
      Peace and Blessings Trish, and my your healing bring you closer to your twin flame as you continue your eternal path together.

    2. Hello Trish,
      You are very lucky to have shared precious time together with your twin flame, but the sadness from his crossing must certainly weigh heavy on your heart. So many twin flames never make it to the point of uniting permanently in one incarnation – as it can be quite challenging for twin flame relationships to overcome their “challenging stories”. But it is glorious that you were able to marry, and share 4 years together, despite a tragic departure from this earthly adventure together. Of course, everything you mentioned He would say is spot on, in my view, and certainly he was an enlightened soul,ready for his next assignment. And Yes, you are One, and of course you will be united, for eternity.
      The only real peace during the grieving process is to focus on the time factor: This lifetime, a micro-second in your soul’s transformation. And in a blink of the eye, you will be united, although it can sometimes feel like an eternity while we grieve. Peace in your heart dear Trish, and if you haven’t read “Proof of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander, I highly recommend it, as it will give you a bit of relief in knowing the eternal nature of your divine relationship with your loved one.

      Peace and Blessings,


  8. I’ve been on this journey almost 39 years.. 3 years ago I found my twin flame when our eyes met I remember thinking to myself don’t look too long he’ll trap you with his gorgeous blue eyes. And that he did our first conversation we ever had was about string theory. We were comfortable together the longer we were together the more so with loved each other it was amazing, I told him everything even things that I never told anybody in my life cuz I knew you wouldn’t judge me.he is the only person that could ever tell me I’m beautiful and I believe him . I had done it I had finally found my first & one true love,even after being married once and having a number of relationships. Sadly he passed away three months ago at the age of 26. I feel utterly lost with him gone but I know that it was part of our social contract and we must follow our contract. Henry I hope you’re in a happy place and that you don’t have to fight that horrible feeling of trying to be normal anymore and I hope we can spend the rest of Eternity in the cosmos with pure peacefulness watching over me until we meet again. I’ll be here babe.

    1. Hello Nikki,
      Losing a loved one is always tragic, and a twin flame relationship loss can be devastating. You certainly have your perspective clear, but that doesn’t make the pain any less severe. The only comfort really, is in the knowing of the brevity of our ‘time’ spent in each incarnation. Literally a blink of an eye in the eternal evolution of the soul. Know that Henry is indeed at peace, in the bliss, in the eternal loving dimension of the Divine. Crossing so young, at only 26 is further proof that he was a light being, who didn’t need any more “lessons” here in earth school. You will see him in a half-second when your journey here has been fulfilled…again, just a microsecond in space-time…Hang in there, and spread as much love as you can, in his honor.

      Peace and Blessings Nikki…

    2. This is a response from one viewer to another here at Agape Costa Rica. I love when we can all share our collective wisdom.
      Sally Rice

      Hi Nicky,
      Your story is beautiful. I met my twin flame when I saw him in high school. I always wanted to know him. But I got to know his Mom like a Mom cuz mine passed right after15 years old. When I met Kenny 54 years later we connected like we both never have. I had so many failed marriages. I gave up looking for that one love so stayed in 29 year verbal abusive marriage…. he was in a longer marriage floating there life. Then one day we decided to meet. Since he knew of me , we even work in the same place for years never to get talk to each other. I though he was happy. His Mom always wanted me to marry the other Son. He passed away November 13 at 63 years old . We found each other 2 years 3 months ago. Been living a Heaven on Earth 10 months with his daughter. Covid took his life…. i recovered. Iam so heartbroken. Help me get to that point of going on… we were twin flames ? i?he felt it to. We share an awesome short time. We had a contract? Please explain. Thank you. Kim

  9. You can connect with him by going outside and meditating, Ask heaven mother nature to send you a sign, then wait.. it might be the way the wind blows or a bird

    1. Exactly Lisa, that is a wonderful way to connect to Spirit. Works every time, if you are patient, open and willing….
      Spirit loves to connect and is waiting for us all to open and receive divine guidance.

      Peace Be Still

  10. Gabriella Norris

    My daughters boyfriend was killed in a car accident a week ago. He was only 18. They were friends since the 9th grade and began dating 7 months ago. They were twin flame soulmates. They loved each other and everybody that seen them together knew it. They have already connected and speak to each other everyday. She doesn’t know how she is going to make here without him. She is only 20.

    1. Hello Gabriella,

      What a tragic story for you all to experience. I’m so sorry for this challenging chapter in your lives. If I can help in any way, either for you or your daughter, please connect. There is nothing to take away the pain of grief, it is a painful part of Earth School, but at least we can connect with Spirit, and learn too, how to stay in communication with our loved ones across the veil. Sending prayers and peace for your soul during this difficult time.
      Eternal Light and Love,


    2. Hello Gabriella,
      What a tragic experience for your daughter, and of course the entire family of friends and relatives associated with your daughter’s boyfriend who transitioned so young. There is no cure for grief, and the process is unique for each individual. I would love to help your daughter manage her impressions and emotions during this painful journey, so please schedule a session with me if you think it would be appropriate.
      During this challenging chapter of life, the best go-to is a book by Dr. Eben Alexander: Proof of Heaven. It is remarkable, coming from a Harvard brain surgeon who spent most of his life as a non-believer until he “died” and had a profound experience with the afterlife. His book details the journey.
      Please contact me at any time if you would like me to work with your daughter to help her through this difficult time.
      Sending much love, support, and peace in your heart,


  11. Chantal Gauthier

    I met the love of my life 4 1/2 years ago. It was an instant connection like we always knew each other. We completed each other’s sentences, knew what the other person thought without saying a word. Sometimes it felt like we had lived parallel lives without ever crossing paths. Meeting him felt like coming home after a long trip. It was a very intense, all consuming relationship. He passed away 3 weeks ago. The pain is unbearable and I ask him many times a day to come and get me. He was fighting with cancer and died of a brain hemorrhage (complication of cancer). I miss him so much. I can’t do life without him…

    1. Hello Chantal,

      Yes, the pain is excruciating and the grief process feels like Live Death, as truly, our hearts feel that life without our beloved is impossible to bare. I know I repeat my words often, but the pain IS equal to your LOVE, and that is what makes it so difficult at first. Time will ease this pressure, and as you grow to Know your twin flame in Spirit, you will find that your relationship is not gone, it just evolved to be – for what truly is a microsecond in your soul’s evolution – a new kind of connection while you remain in Earth school, feeling perhaps left behind, while he is is the divine dimension of the eternal light. You will feel him, he is not gone, not lost, not absent. He is just in another field of awareness, and you will see the Spirit working through You as you develop your abilities to connect to this new eternal dimension of Love.
      If there is any way I can help you transition to this awareness of his divine presence, please contact me for a session, and we can connect to his eternal Spirit.
      Love and Light,

  12. My partner and I had a great connection from the start. It only took a day, we spent all night talking. The connection was amazing we got along perfectly. The only thing was our own enternal healing from childhood that caused drama. We healed each other in many ways, but egos and pride got ahold of us. we were together off and on for 6 years. we would seperate less then a day even if we were mad we talked. When seperated we had dreams of each other. He died Sep 19 2020, it has been hard. I hear his favorite songs, I feel him, smell him at times. I am ok physically but emotionally I feel like a big whole is in me. I have delt with grief but this is different. I never had this much pain or lost my happiness enternally like this before. I feel like a piece of me is gone, I am ok some days and others, My memories take over which sometimes Im happy and other times I just cry.

    1. Hello Veronica,
      I wrote to you earlier, briefly, and wanted you to know how lucky You are to have found your soul mate, twin flame, in This lifetime! So many people do not get the gift of love, believe it or not. Many cross over out of this incarnation never even knowing what romantic love, with a divine partner, is, or can be.
      You found love, and it was love at first sight, as you wrote. You healed each other in many ways. You experienced a re-birth from old wounds from childhood. You grew in heart and soul. Then he moved on ahead, and yes you will see him in a few seconds – like tomorrow – because life IS that short!
      Even though you feel like there is a hole in your heart, it will pass. The loss will never go away, but your heart Will heal, and you Will find peace again. Lucky You! Lucky you to have experienced love, and lucky you to know Love first hand. Just as we all die from this incarnation, we all will lose something along the way, and then we will heal. Literally, “to have loved and lost is better than never having loved before”. Thank you Alfred Lord Tennyson. But words of reassurance don’t take the pain away. It’s entirely personal, and private…how we grieve. But as I say to everyone experiencing grief: Your grief = your love. The more you love, the more you grieve. They go together. But your heart will sing in its awareness of your love story. And you will be united again. That’s guaranteed. Please share your feelings and healing with others, as you shared here. It helps us all grow, and heal, together.
      Love and Light,

  13. My Twinflame died 3 years ago he was murdered at a party it was covered up as a suicide I feel so lost without him its been hard I just want him to hear me and to speak to me about everything that bothers me but he can’t and it feels horrible like
    a part of my soul has vanished.? he died 2-5-18.

    1. Dear Cat,
      He does hear you, I promise. I would recommend you watch the series on Netflix: Surviving Death. It will help your brain to Know what your Heart and Soul know – that you are divinely connected, and there is nothing that will ever change that. If your brain can understand this as fact, your heart will heal so much faster. The loss will never go away, but the pain will.
      Sending Love and Light,

  14. Chantelle Forcier

    Hi, my name is chantelle forcier
    My situation might be a little unique?
    My twin flame was first my best friend for years. I was actually with his brother (I know..I feel the guilt…falling in love with not only 1 brother, but 2. They are opposites of the same coin for me.
    I was only connected with my twin flame physically for a short time. And I lost him on jan 6th to the war on fentanyl.
    At first…I was in a state that I was determined, to fulfill my purpose and then join him. I have the other brother to care for my 8 yr old daughter after I pass.
    I have been very sick for a long time
    I have lupus and scleroderma, and have experienced major trauma throughout my life. However my twin flame, scott obrien, had been able to break down all of my walls and see the soul within me. We are connected through the heart in so many ways. I miss him tremendously, and the only thing that keeps me knowing that I finish what we started before I can join him.
    I have never felt this type of love before….we didnt have enough time together…I feel we hadn’t even started really enjoying the physical connection this world has to offer.
    I am trying to grieve..yet I’m not sure how to
    I still feel so connected to him
    The pain is there…but also the comfort that he is now able to help me on my journey as an angel from above. He has leveled up. Awakened. And with the creator…he is special. His soul, enlightenment, I am at peace most of the time. Until I’m not and my heart literally feels like its calling out to him. Wanting to feel his lips one more time, touch his beautiful curly hair one more time…or remembering the way he looked at me…pure love, pure passion.
    Yup.. .this is a hard one. I have experienced loss and heartbreak…but losing my twin flame…has definitely been the hardest.

    1. Hello Chantelle,
      What a beautiful story you shared, although your heart aches, you Know (not believe) that you will be reunited again, that he is your twin flame, and that your soul is eternal. But, our brain tortures us with the idea that our grief will last forever..
      But this Life….it’s a microsecond in our soul’s evolution. I highly recommend the series Surviving Death on Netflix:
      Also, if you can read the book Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander, you will feel immediate relieve in your heart and soul:
      And finally, Map of Heaven:
      I wish you peace and healing in your heart,

  15. pretima prabhudas

    My twin passed over three weeks ago. I’m definitely going through a soul shock, I haven’t been able to eat or sleep, there’s also so many more strange physiological changes with my body. My mind is numb, I reached for alcohol because it has always been a coping mechanism for me but it does absolutely nothing at this point. I only knew my twin for 2 years and 8 months but it was the strangest most mystical experience of my life. I feel blank and robotic, I feel as though my soul is broken, not just my heart. I feel as thought he took a part of me that I don’t know how to survive without. This emptiness I feel is so painful, I don’t know when I’ll be able to feel somewhat leveled or normal.

  16. This makes so much sense. My twin flame just passed away, & since then I discovered I think I have skin/eye cancer. I feel like he made me look. He was a paramedic, so he was always trying to help me. I feel I may be on my way out soon to meet up with my twin flame again & for good this time. I do believe in this.💞

  17. I was told that keeping my twin flames belongings after he dies is not good for his soul and that I am to get rid of everything of his including his ashes. Is this true? Please help im feeling utterly lost

  18. My brother and I are twin souls.He died Nov 17 2018.Over the last 10 months Ive been able to talk with him telepathicly.He told me a month ago I will die before November from viruses in my body that will enter my blood.He says near the end of october I will go to sleep and wake up in heaven .

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