Twin Flame: Different from a Soul Mate?

Twin Flame or Soul Mate? Nicaragua 2015
Twin Flame or Soul Mate?

 Many of my clients call about relationships that are perpetually in conflict, often where one person feels unfulfilled – even when being madly in love.

The challenge is knowing whether you are experiencing the sturm und drang of a Twin Flame connection, or just the last stages of a disintegrating relationship. This article by Sivana East, helps put the pieces together, and quite brilliantly describes the difference between a Soul Mate, and a Twin Flame. Enjoy!

Some of the Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship Are:

  1. The place of meeting. It was as if they fell out of the sky and into your lap. Neither one of you were looking for each other, it was Divine timing and circumstance that brought you together. Sometimes it is quite symbolic.
  2. They are your mirror. They will mirror back to you everything in your life that you need to address. Everything that has not been healed. They are there to show you YOU. Sometimes your entire life can change upon meeting them.
  3. The amount of energy created when you are together is magnetic. People around you will notice and feel the power between you. When you are together you can be an unstoppable force!
  4. You psychic and intuitive senses will be heightened upon meeting.
  5. There is usually something significant about their birthdate. They do not have to be born on the same day, month, or year, but there is just something peculiar about their date.
  6. The deep respect and love for each other means you will never want to hurt each other, and if there is a fight or disagreement between the two of you, it can feel devastating.
  7. You feel an almost immediate bond or connection with them usually right after meeting them. Like you’ve known them before or their energy feels very familiar.
  8. You will both complement each other. Your skill sets or abilities will work perfectly together because you’ve developed what the other one lacks or needs in your separation. And together you can work Magic!
  9. You can feel each other even when you are apart. You have a hard time getting them out of your mind. It could feel like an obsession but it is not. It is that you are so closely connected that you literally FEEL each other. Sometimes the time apart feels unbearable.
  10. You feel as if you are Home, that time stands still when you are with them; in other words, you have the ability to collapse time. And sometimes they might feel like a dream or unreal to you. But although you remain separate beings with your own individual life path you feel a sense of completeness with them.
  11. Even something as small as a hug can carry an intense surge of energy.
  12. They have similar beliefs and a life path to yours.
  13. You will want to give to them without ever wanting in return. Giving is the nature of this relationship.
  14. One of the most important signs that you have met your twin is that you have a feeling that this is something very different than any other relationship you have encountered before. The feelings you have for them sometimes cannot even be put into words. Total unconditional and complete love and acceptance. There is a special sacredness about your relationship that transcends anything you have ever experienced before. In essence, you already know, you will feel it with your whole being. No other relationship will be as life changing.
  15. You are aware that the purpose of your relationship is to bring something extraordinary to the world for the betterment of the planet.
  16. And lastly, one of my personal favorites is noticing the numbers 11:11. This number can appear anywhere. You may see it on clocks, receipts, computers etc. and in my own personal journey seeing 11:11 has always been a confirmation that I was on the right path, or a “Yes” to a thought I was having right before I noticed the time. It appears a lot when we are going through a growth stage. There are other meanings for 11:11. But that’s another whole topic on its own.


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