About Psychic Sally Rice

Psychic Medium Sally RiceOriginally from California, Sally Rice began studying astrology and providing psychic readings when she was 12, using the Rider tarot deck. At 19, she moved to Italy, where she lived for the next 11 years, completing university studies in art history, and working as an international tour manager guiding academic study groups throughout  Europe, Africa and Asia.

Once back in the USA, she spent two decades as a successful Costume Designer, working for the motion picture industry. At 50, Sally returned to college to obtain another degree, this time in Visual Journalism and photography.

Sally then transferred out of the film industry, and became a successful news writer and photographer for newspapers and magazines in California.

When a life-changing event led to her Awakening, she left the United States in 2011 and spent the next five years studying the ways of the Shaman while living in the deep jungle of Central and South America.

During this period Sally Rice spent extended time in Peru working with Shamans, as well as with John of God, in Brazil. Sally also studied Trance Mediumship at the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritualism in the UK.

Sally Rice has been devoted exclusively to her Spiritual path and practice since 2010, working as a psychic medium, photojournalist, and writer.

Sally is currently based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.

Origin of the Psychic Gift for Sally Rice

My very first memory of awareness of the gift happened when I was two years old, sitting in diapers on the wooden floor of our old house in La Canada, California.

My mother was coming down the stairs, and she was upset about something I don’t recall. I remember looking up at her, and wondering why she had forgotten about the ‘contract’ and how our relationship was to be in this life. Gazing at Mother,  all I could think of was, “How come you forgot our story from the other side?”

I remembered so much from our existence in the Spirit world. I became aware in that moment that she didn’t remember why we had incarnated on Earth together!  All the details of this event I recall crisp and clear, as if it had happened yesterday.

As time went on, and despite her disbelief in the spirit world, Mother was incredibly psychic. She would literally ‘know’ things, such as the time I had to undergo emergency surgery – she called at 3:00 a.m. on the night I was sent to the hospital, demanding to know “What’s wrong?”

Yes indeed, the gift was passed down through generations.

On another occasion, my dog had been hit by a car, and Mother called from her home far away asking “What’s the matter with Lilly?”

Spirit guides appeared to me from a very early age, and for a long time, I believed that was normal, assuming everyone could see them from time to time. My spirit guides visited me regularly when I was little, then faded a bit as I entered my teenage years.

At 12-years-old,  I began reading the Tarot, and studying palmistry and astrology. At this time I began providing psychic readings for others.

Once I crossed over from being a young woman and emerged to my status as a Crone, the flood gates opened, and my psychic abilities emerged stronger than ever. I had no choice but to embrace the gift, change careers, and devote all my time and energy to helping people communicate with their own Spirit guides.

The Presence was Everywhere, and could not be ignored.

I work only with Light Energy and Spirit Beings that are of the highest vibration – always founded on Love to help you achieve your highest purpose on this plane, in this incarnation we have all agreed to experience together.

I look forward to helping you tap into your higher self, release the shame,  and achieve your highest good with love, compassion and innate wisdom.


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