Life After Death

Reincarnation – Personal Stories

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This video is about Reincarnation – personal stories from psychic medium Sally Rice. Afterwards,  check out the documentaries available here to learn about the scientific research done on this important fact of life. In this video, Sally Rice shares two personal stories of past lives she remembers. One lifetime spent in Cusco, Peru, and another …

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Psychic Medium Sally Rice Answers Questions About Spirit

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Psychic Medium Sally Rice Answers Questions About Spirit: In this video Sally answers questions from clients about how our loved ones communicate with us from across the veil. Is it possible for a spirit who has already incarnated into another lifetime to communicate with loved ones left behind? Find out here. Then Sally answers a …

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The Science Behind Reincarnation

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The Science Behind Reincarnation If you are on the fence about whether reincarnation is real or not, check this out. Psychic medium Sally Rice shares the science behind reincarnation with studies from the University of Virginia and other reliable sources to help you discover the vast research on the subject. There are literally thousands of …

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Do Demons Exist?

Most everyone has their own opinions about whether demons are real, or not.  Literally every culture throughout history has made reference in one way or another  to these dark, supernatural, scary beings. But are they real? Do demons really exist?

According to a recent US poll, 45% of the population believes in demons and ghosts.  That’s a lot considering it doesn’t include the percentage of people who are on the fence, with “undecided” answers.

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