Life After Death

Quantum Physics: How Spirit Communicates Remotely

Spirit Connects through the Quantum Field

 Quantum Physics is the Highway Spirit Uses to Communicate in Space Time Continuum. Here is something fascinating that will blow your mind. It’s complicated, so I must use a personal experience to describe this phenomenon which is rooted in quantum physics. Now try to really concentrate on these details. It happened a few days ago, …

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The Voice of Spirit – God Has a Plan

(This is a continuation of a previous story. Click here for Part I) This is a story of my own, albeit unconventional, NDE (Near Death Experience): “It only took 37 years to write my first book. I was walking down the patio stairs at my father’s house, six months pregnant with my first child, when …

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This is a Real Ghost Story: A true account of a soul trapped between worlds

This is a real ghost story. . .

…And the best kind of ghost story is one with witnesses to the event.  Anyone can claim to have seen a ghost, and tell their story with all the spooky details. But one man’s story is another man’s foolery.

In this tragic ghost story, there were four witnesses. And once a mystical experience involves witnesses to the magic – it becomes fact, not fiction.

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