When Your Pet Dies – Proof of Afterlife

The Shepherd and the Heavenly Feathers

In this video, psychic medium Sally Rice shares the magical story of how her dog Echo transitioned in a mysterious way, only to come back with signs from Heaven. This story will fascinate you with the details of how animals can connect with their loved ones from across the rainbow bridge. This is one video in a series that will prove, through Sally’s personal experiences that Heaven is for real, and there is indeed the possibility for pets to communicate with their owners once they have crossed to the other side of the veil.

Video Transcription:

So, first of all, it’s so good to see you again. But, in addition to saying hi to you, I also wanted to say hello to everybody who’s tuning in to listen to this story. Checking in with Agape Costa Rica. Haven’t talked to you in quite a while, because to tell you the truth, I couldn’t find a DP. And, I’m so glad that, Adrian, you chose the story to hear the story of The Shepherd and the Heavenly Feathers. Because, a year ago when I came to ask you to shoot that story, and you couldn’t do it, okay. And, then you left, and I tried with three other DPs, three. I even, I’m not kidding you, God’s honor. I even flew to Spain to try and shoot this segment about the heavenly feathers. And, every single time I went to shoot it, something went wrong. It was a disaster. It was like something fell apart.

And, now a year later, almost to the date of when I first asked you, I need to tell you the story, and I need to get it on film. And, why it didn’t happen in all of those multiple efforts over the course of a year, now I know why. It’s because the story wasn’t finished. The story, the magical story hadn’t unfolded in spirit because, oh, my God, miracles every day. Spirit didn’t want me to tell the story until now.

So, now I’m ready to tell this story in its entirety. And, it’s so freaking off the chart magical. And, I am talking right now to anybody out there who’s lost someone to the other side. If you’ve lost a pet, if you’ve lost your lifelong partner, your soulmate, your husband, your wife, your child, I want this story to inspire you because I promise it’s real. And, it ah, makes my heart go pitter patter.

So, a year ago, let’s just go back there. I wanted to have Adrian, you, okay, shoot this story about my dog. I told you my dog died. Okay, and so Echo was her name. So, it was like, “Oh my God, my dog died. Ah!” And, yet something had happened with the death that was so miraculous, which is why I wanted to tell you, because it was heavenly, in the sense of heavenly feathers.

Okay, so what was the story? So, I had Echo for about six and a half years. I found her when she was that big in a woodpile in a ferreteria. How do you say it? A ferreteria? Hardware store.

Yeah, like a Home Depot?

Home Depot.

Yeah, like outside in a box.

Outside in the woodpile there was this little puppy. I was like, “Ah, I’ve got to have her.” Okay. Took her home, raised her. At that point I lived in the middle of the jungle near Montezuma. There was just, she never was on a leash, ever her entire life, never on a leash. She was the most miraculous dog.

She never left my side. She came to me with this like presence of like, “Oh, my God, I’m just here to serve.” I never had to even say any command to her, teach her anything. She never chewed anything. She was an angel that fell into my arms, this beautiful full black dog with the little white marking on her chest. And, a shepherd, like all black. And, I’d never had an all black dog, and I always had white furniture and white floors. I’m thinking, “I can’t get a black dog. She’s going to shed everywhere.” I thought, “Ah!” But, no, I took her anyway. And, oh, my God, she was the best dog, best dog ever.

And, again, raised her in wilderness in the jungle of Costa Rica. Never on a leash. No fences. Again, never left my side. Eventually, when it was time to go back and forth to the United States, I simply had her certified as a healing dog, because, why not. Because I also, she would get on the plane, and I didn’t have to do anything.

So, we traveled back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. A year ago in October, I was scheduled to go back to the United States to see my son, Jordan, who was going to school in Colorado. And, I was full-time in Costa Rica. I had all this crap in storage in the United States, including my car. Okay? And, I’m like, “I’m going to give my car to my son. My car was in storage in Oregon. He was in Colorado, halfway across the United States. So, I’m like, “You can have my car.”

So, Echo and I decided we’re going to take the voyage, go from Costa Rica, fly to Oregon. I’m going to take my car out of storage, drive it across the United States, give it to my son, and then fly back home. So, about three days before we’re leaving, I’m lying on the bed here in Costa Rica, in Tamarindo, and I’m nose to nose with Echo on the bed, who has never left my side ever in my life. And, believe me, we’ve been all over the world. Well, kind of. But anyway, nose to nose.

And, I’m like, “Echo, we’re going to have like the most magical time. We’re going to go to the United States, and drive across the United States. And, on our way we are going to visit the national parks. And, we’re going to go to the holy land in Wyoming and Montana. And, we’re going to go on Indian reservations. And, we’re going to have a mystical experience.”

And, I really felt that. I felt like we’re going to go and meet some, I don’t know, Indian chief. And, they’re going to do a magical spell on us, and I’m going to get more psychic powers, or healing powers, or something magical is going to happen. I could feel it.

And, then I had a fear. It was really weird. It was like, “Ah. Don’t you ever leave me. Echo, don’t you ever leave me?” And, I remember telling her, I said, “I don’t know. If I ever die, or if you ever die first, I don’t know. Let’s make a pledge. Let’s go together.” And, I told her in that moment after we said, “I’m going to have this experience.” I said, “If we go, let’s go together.” Now this sounds really morbid. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. I said, “Maybe we could go really fast, like in a car accident, and we’ll die together. And, then we’ll angels together live, and we’ll never be separated.” Okay?

Cut to the United States. Pick up the car in Eugene. Drive it through hill and dale. We’re on day four of [inaudible 00:06:43] through the United States, just Echo and I in Wyoming. Listen, Wyoming has the lowest population of any state in the United States. There’s like no one in Wyoming.


There’s no one in Wyoming.

Why would you live in Wyoming?

Why would you live in Wyoming?

It’s like, come on.

Holy mackerel. So, anyway, we’re camping. We find a camp spot, the most remote camp spot ever. Okay? And, the camp site I pick is the most remote campsite in the remote campsite site site. And, it’s positioned like in a triangle. Our tent is right here. And, here’s a river, a big river, and another river right there. There’s no exit point except right behind me, which was the parking lot, which then you know, 300 feet to get to the gate to get to the road. You can’t get out. Okay?

I make the fire. I make the fire. I’m tending the fire. God is my witness. I look at the fire. Got a little poker, a little stick to tend the fire. And, I look at Echo. I said, “Echo, never leave mommy.” I don’t know why I said that. Don’t know why, but I tended the fire. And, then I turn to look at the fire, and then I look back and Echo’s gone, like she’s-

She’s gone.

… gone. She’s like not there. “Echo.” Nothing. I’m not going to tell you how I looked for her for 48 hours, but she vanished. The next day I went to the pound, the vet, whatever you call that, Humane Society.

Yeah, looking for the-

“Did you find a black and white dog? Blah, blah, blah, blah.” Nothing. Okay? Nothing. I’m like, “Holy mackerel.” And, I knew that the dog would be more frightened than me, because she’s never left my side, like never ever, ever.

Well, I go back to the campsite. A couple of hours later I get the call. That they found her body.

Oh, shoot.

But, they found her body like five miles away, and she’d been hit by a car in an automobile accident. Uh oh Then I feel really bad for saying like that thing, and feeling it. Right?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

And, then how did I miss out, kind of? But, it was like, “Oh, my God.” And, devastation is, I can’t even describe to you the pain. Like, “Ugh.”

So, I drove home. Home. I drove the rest of the way to Colorado to give my car to my son without the dog, of course. Ah. Oof. Anybody watching they’re suffering from losing somebody, please read my article on understanding healing from a broken heart. It’s a real thing. You can actually die from it. Okay, go check it out.

Anyway, so I drove across the United States, gave the car, no… Just before I gave the car, I got to Colorado. And, it’s seven days, seven days after Echo dies. I’m in a Motel 6, and there’s nothing there. There’s no other cars. There’s no trees. It’s just open space. I come outside on the seventh day of her crossing, of her disappearance, and my car was covered with white feathers, like seriously covered in white feathers.

A sign.

And, in front of the door, the driver door that open, get in… And, I have photos. Seven, because it’s the seventh day, seven white feathers lined in a row in front of where I step into the car, and just feathers everywhere, everywhere. And, it was amazing. And, that was my sign that she was there. Right?

So, skip a year, okay? And, almost to the day of her crossing, I woke up and I remember feeling, so it was so miraculous that the car had been covered with feathers, like on the seventh day. Just amazing. But, I forgot another very important detail in this story. And, that is that before I came to the United States, like a week before I left, I started finding black feathers everywhere. Like seriously, I would be walking on a trail, and there would be a black feather, a black feather. And, but it was not just a black feather, because it was a feather that was stuck up in the ground, like not laying on the ground. It was like a trail marker. And, it became so prevalent that I took pictures of it. So, I want to share with… You’ll see those pictures. They’re crazy.

Because, I was like, “Oh, my God, why are these black feathers everywhere?” Then I lose Echo, and then white feathers on the seventh day. I’m like, okay, proof of heaven, proof of afterlife. I get it. That’s awesome. But, you know what? It didn’t change the fact that I was mourning her loss like, that was just the most painful thing in the whole wide world.

Then a year later, okay, a year later, I wake up one morning. And, I’m like, “I think I’m ready for another dog.” Like, “I think I’m ready.” And, I called my girlfriend who’s also a psychic, amazing psychic, Jill Jackson. She’s in Mississippi. I called her. I said, “Jill, I think I’m ready to get a new Echo. I think I’m ready.” She goes, “Okay. Really?” “Yeah, I think I’m healed.

It’s about time. It’s coming. It’s coming.

It’s time. It’s time for a new dog. So, I’m like, “Okay, I’m going to get a new dog.” That same afternoon, swear to God. And, we’re on like the year anniversary of Echo’s crossing. Okay?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Same afternoon, my neighbors call me, and they say, “Sally, I’m at the vet.” They didn’t know Echo, by the way. They didn’t know Echo. My neighbor calls me and says, “There’s a dog at the vet, and it needs a home. And, are you ready to adopt a dog?” And, she includes a picture. And, I’m like, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God, this… Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?”

And, funny that you should want to sit up at this time. And, it was, and it was Stella. And, it was like, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God.” And, I called him. I said, “Yes, I’ll take her. I’ll take her.” Why? Because, first of all, she looks exactly like Echo, like, exactly, exactly. Black dog. I named her Stella, because she’s all black and has a little white spot, which looks like a star in the night sky.

But, here’s the deal. The first thing was that the vet says, “Oh, she’s already been adopted. You can’t have her.” I had to wait a week. I called the vet. I said, “Are you sure she’s been adopted?” They said, “Yes, I’m sorry. She’s gone.” I said, “Well, God obviously doesn’t want me to have her.”

And, then a week later my same neighbor calls me again and says, “No, no, no, no. They, they returned the dog. They didn’t want her. She’s back again. You can have her.”

And, I’m like, I run back. I grab her. I’ve had her for two weeks now. Okay. This is why we couldn’t tell the story year ago, because Echo came back to me. And, a dentist, who by the way was staying at your hotel here at Barefoot.

Oh, yeah?

She said, “Oh, no. She’s like eight months old. She’s like eight months old.” So, she could be very easily the reincarnation of Echo. Very easily.

First of all, she looks exactly like Echo, and she’s got all of Echo’s same mannerisms. It’s like, it freaks me out.

Same behavior and everything.

Oh, my God. No, no, like exact same dog. And, Echo did this one thing very particular when we were waking up in the morning, and we were cuddling. She would take her arm like this, and she would push on me. Stella does the same thing. It’s like the similarities are so remarkable that then that’s the magic.

That’s why, Adrian, I couldn’t shoot with you a year ago, because the story three freaking DPs-

The story wasn’t done yet. It was still going.

That said like, “No, no, I can’t Your film is ruined.”

No, no, no.

We’re like, “What? That’s just .”

That’s the universe there.

“The film is ruined? What do you mean?” But, it’s like, and then, then now it all makes sense. And, magically, here you are again, and we’re ready to shoot. You see, do you understand the magic? Okay, if there’s anybody who doesn’t get this, you need to call me for a private session.

But, anyway, I just want to prove to you in my own experience that there is everlasting life. That your pets are also included in your story. That they can talk to you on the afterlife, and they can reincarnate. So, love to all people. Agape Costa Rica.

All right.

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