What to Expect from a Reading

The Native American Indian, Hopi, Prophecy states:

“When the Grandmothers speak the earth will be healed.”

We are here to awaken the greatest potential within us, unfolding and yielding to our highest good – back to its essence of purity and grace. That leads us to the discovery of the True One.

If you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed, Spirit is likely to have a lot of information to share. Depression, acute anxiety caused by a bad breakup, the loss of a job when you have a family to feed…. These are milestones in life that can be devastating, making us feel fearful and vulnerable. That’s exactly what your guardian angels, spirit guides, and ancestors are here to help you handle.

what to expect from a reading

Each and every reading is completely different, just like each one of us!

Tarot, gemstones and pendulums are used to communicate with your spirit guides. Beyond that, I am directed by your guides – and that communication is enveloped in divine mystery, as I am simply the messenger.

During some readings, ancestors who have passed will come forth to speak directly with You to help with your current situation. Or, it may be a group of angel guides that share, like a chorus, important information and details. I may channel a particular Spirit guide who shares critical news intended just for You.

Together, we are working with the Divine as the vessel of communication to help you with your situation.

I will help you open your channel to release your greatest potential as an instrument of the highest vibration of love and light energy that is yours to harness.

What to expect from the ASTROLOGICAL BIRTH CHART reading, for 60 minutes:

Understand that we are Spiritual Beings occupying a psychical body for this incarnation. Your Spirit, your true, or Higher Self, is using a ‘car’ so to speak, to move around in this lifetime. It is an earth-bound body made up of mostly water, energy, with some skin attached; this is what we call the Lower Self, because it is below our Higher Self, it is of the earth and controlled by the mind. We have a mind, but we are not our mind. We are Spirit, a Higher being living in a Lower body.

Understanding the nature of your ASTRO CHART is like having the manual to the car you are driving in this incarnation, an understanding of your Lower Self. Knowing this, you will differentiate between that which belongs to your vehicle, and that which belongs to the TRUE YOU, your Higher Self, and you won’t confuse the two ever again.
This leads to a greater understanding of You, and hence, a much deeper Self Love, for you will see that which is your substance, your Spiritual Self, as opposed to your physical body used for transportation in this incarnation, with a computer attached (your brain). With the astro chart reading, and my psychic interpretation with the help of your guides and teachers on the other side, you will come to know yourself better, and appreciate the difference between the Higher Self and the Lower Self, and therefore, it will automatically result in a heightened inner peace and self-love, and you will raise your vibration to a level that is radiating joy and harmony, which will lead to greater happiness in your daily life, and a much clearer understanding of your place on this planet, in this incarnation.

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