Shamanic Insight in Times of Social Unrest


 In Times of Social Unrest Think of a Waterfall…

Think of massive pounds of water weight, dumping into a pool of water, and how that force disrupts the water molecules inside. Suddenly, still crystal clear water that looks like glass, that is unnoticeable to the human eye in its stillness and transparency, is disrupted by the weight of the waterfall, and instantly billions of tiny little bubbles arise.

Use that Image. And now think of Humanity, and Mankind.

When everything is fine, when we are not at war, when we are living in our true essence of peaceful bliss in the highest vibration of the human condition, we are like still water. We can live, harmoniously together, molecule by molecule. In our Oneness, humanity experiences the proverbial “As Above So Below…”

Each one of us, each human, a water molecule in a crystal lake of humanity that is placid and calm. Here you do not see the bubbles, you see a collective group of cells co-existing harmoniously.

But then you dump the weight of that water onto the placid pool.  Suddenly you can see billions of tiny bubbles, and the stillness is destroyed.

That’s what has become of humanity now. That’s what’s happening to mankind throughout the world. Look around, everyone seems confined in their own little bubble, and there has been a breakdown in our ability as humans to communicate peacefully with one another. We are far removed from the stillness of the tranquillity of the reflective pool.

Trying to protect ourselves from the chaos and disruption of the outside world, which came upon us seemingly so abruptly and with such intensity, humanity has erupted in a wave of global unrest and chaos, just like the water molecules experiencing the flood.

It is human nature and these are super natural responses to the physical universe in the 3D whether you are a plant, human, or water molecule.

Even in times of social unrest, we are still connected in the Oneness.

In the shamanic tradition, we are an ocean of souls, each one of us a grain of sand existing together in the Sea of Humanity. At present our planet and its people are experiencing an explosion of force, like the waterfall. Great social unrest now affects our peace of mind. Failing political systems, disease and social unrest, global warming, economic instability, international terrorism are commonplace. No matter the source, the impact is the same. It’s a collective waterfall imploding upon what in the best of times is the placid lake of the human existence.

Even in our isolation from one another we have an opportunity. Because even in the bubbles there is transparency.

Social Unrest Can Cause Social Isolation

While we weather this abrasive downpour, we want to remember that we can still see, and to then make a collective choice, instead of isolating ourselves inside the bubble.

Default Isolation is easy to do because it’s protective. Inside the bubble it’s calm.  The turbulence is on the outside. But that is not necessarily the solution to the problem.

Using Gaia (nature), as a mirror of how the Universe operates. We can shift our vision towards a much broader scope of the Cosmos. Nature, by design, in all its expressions of the elements of fire, water, earth and air, has a system of perfect elegance, even in the states of destruction. Think of the acorn that requires the forest fire to break open its rebirth as the great oak. We are no different, yet our ego tells us so.

In the turbulence of social unrest, see the transparency. Use Mother Earth as our guide to see the order in the chaos.  The Divine Mother provides visual tools in nature allowing us to see clearly.  With Gaia’s insight we move forward towards a renewed peace,  as the collective, Universal Soul evolves.


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