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Learn about the psychic services offered below and go to the Schedule a Reading page to setup your appointment. To learn more about the readings listen to a sample reading or see What to Expect from a Reading and Readings Policy.


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911 Reading

How long of a session would you like? What kind of reading do you desire? Select from the options below:

Psychic Intensive

In a psychic intensive session we will look at any aspect of your life to create change, release blockage, regenerate your energies for self-healing, or find clarity and pathways in challenging situations and relationships. While your spirit team is always in communication, this intense reading will focus on issues from the earthly plane.

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30 min60 min90 min

Psychic Intensive with Astrological Birth Chart Analysis

While offering many different psychic services here, this option is highly recommended if you are a first time client with Sally. In this session you will connect with your Higher Self, in a way that you have never before experienced. You will understand the nuts and bolts of your “human blueprint” and the relationship between your mind and your consciousness. In short, you will be introduced to the real You.

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60 min90 min

Psychic and Medium Combination

In this combination session we will look at both the earthly plane and the spirit world to connect with loved ones across the veil who may assist with situations and relationships in both dimensions. You will be able to direct the session regarding the issues we focus on: Connecting with spirits, as well as looking at situations in your present career or relationship.

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30 min60 min90 min

Trance Mediumship Connection

In this intensive session we will focus exclusively on the world of Spirits. Our focus will be connecting to your spirit guides and loved ones on the other side for healing, soul transformation, and spiritual guidance.

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30 min60 min

Remote Viewing Intensive

This session is for highly sensitive situations that can be related to unsolved crimes, missing persons or animals, or any similar crisis situations. Since there are many different psychic services, understand that regardless of which option you choose, together we will unlock the mysteries and fine tune your reading so all the information you desire is received.

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30 min60 min90 min

 911 Session Today

This option is available to individuals in immediate crisis or despair.

If you are in crisis, email [email protected] now. If I am available, I will respond with instructions on how to schedule a same day session.

IMPORTANT:  Before You Schedule a 911 appointment, you must FIRST get authorization from Sally.




Spiritual And Shamanic Services

Shamanic Healing with Reiki

    Reiki (ray-key) is a generic word used to describe many types of healing. It literally means Universal Energy.  As a Reiki Practitioner, I am able to channel the energy for You,  to support holistic wellness, spiritual growth, and physical wellbeing. Reiki healing can harmonize energies, balance the system, and calm inflammation.
   The American Institute of Stress estimates that 75%-90% of visits to doctors are results of reactions to stress. The effects of this dis-ease can result in major health issues, including heart diseases, digestive disorders, respiratory and skin disorders.
   By working with your “life force energy” and the Light Body, incorporating Reiki healing with additional shamanic practices can help restore the physical and emotional body to optimal health.
Sessions can be done at my studio, your location, and remotely.
Session time varies depending on each individual’s condition.
By Appointment Only. 
Prices below are only estimates. Each individual healing session will be tailored to each client.
Shamanic healing with Reiki:
20 min: 80$
40 min: 160$
When choosing the type of treatment session that best meets your needs, be sure to review all the options listed under Psychic Services.

House and Environmental Clearing

If you are experiencing poltergeist activity in your home or place of work I can help. I have been working with spirit energies since early childhood, and there is nothing to fear about these sometimes disturbing events.

Using traditional shamanic techniques to cleanse and clear your space, the goal is to help the energies transform and transcend anything blocking the highest form of evolution for the soul.

By Appointment Only
Email [email protected]

Celebration of Life Services

Honoring your loved one at home, in nature, or in a special place of worship, this service honors the life experience of your beloved through non-denominational spiritual celebration.

“My first opportunity to officiate a Celebration of Life was for my own mother. I realized then my passion and dedication to this service honoring your loved one and Spirit. “

By Appointment Only
Email [email protected]

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