How To Protect Your Energy Field – A message to First Responders, Mental Health, Professionals and Universal Caregivers

In this video Sally shares a simple routine to help individuals who deal with crisis situations in their careers to protect and cleanse their energy fields, especially after a difficult day on the job. There is information about how to use sage and gemstones to protect your energy field, in order to keep any negative energy from being absorbed by your auric field. It is easy to include this process in your day to day routine, especially if your days involve interacting with individuals and or situations that induce stress hormones. Remember, stress can kill you, so let’s take care of our bodies to prevent any cellular damage.

Video Transcription

This is for you, Sarah. ( Sarah is Sally’s daughter). This is for you and for all of the mental health professionals, hospital caretakers, individuals who are helping in hospice, anyone in social services, firemen, and nurses. If you are in the business of helping people, I just want to take a minute to thank you. All right. I may cry. We’re so grateful for you. We’re so grateful. But you know you’re obviously an empath, right? So am I. We come from a family of big criers here whenever we get emotional. My little heart chakra is just going, “Wow, wow, wow, wow,” as I am so grateful for your work.

Okay. But you need to protect yourself, you guys. So I want to give you a few tools to help you sort of disengage and not take those heavy stories home with you, and I want to help you help yourself so that you can do the best work. Okay. Number one, this is for anybody who’s working taking care of people. I don’t care what capacity. You want to make sure that you have always with you some black tourmaline. Now, tourmaline stone comes in different colors. There’s different types, but you want to make sure that you get black tourmaline. Okay. It doesn’t matter whether it’s polished or how big it is or whatever. But you want to get a little piece and keep it with you, ideally. If you’re a girl, you can tuck it into your bra.

But usually a metaphysical store or any store that’s selling gemstones will also sell these little tiny pouches that doesn’t have to be very big, the little drawstring. Often, they’re made out of linen. They’re a cheap fabric, light fabric that costs like a dollar, get one, and put some stones in it because you need to get protective stones that are going to help you protect your heart chakra when you’re engaging with people who are in crisis. Okay. Because if you’re going to do the work, it’s kind of like remember in the airplane it says, “Put your oxygen mask on first before you start taking care of other people.” So consider the stones kind of like your little oxygen mask.

The other thing is that you want to collect a certain type of gemstones that work with your energy. There’s another video about how to choose stones for you. Watch that, but first and foremost, I want you to get some black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is a protective stone. It’s going to keep negative energy or dark energy, we’ll talk about that later, but it’s going to protect it so that you don’t absorb it. Okay?

Also, I would recommend that in your car, and the reason I’m doing this video is because last night, which is why I said this is for you, Sara, my daughter Sara is getting her PhD to be a crisis counselor. Okay. So she’s in clinic now, and she’s doing our hours, and we were talking about this last night so I thought I’d better do a video to help you guys. Okay. So you also want to get some sage. All right. Get a big bundle of white sage, and you want to keep it in your car.

So what happens is you get to work, and you get out of the car, and you just light that sage, and you just do a pass. You just do a pass over your body, and you do a prayer, you do a mantra, whatever words work for you where you say, “Mother, Father, God, Spirit, the Presence,” whatever label you would like to give the power and the presence that you respond to. You want to say, “Mother, Father, God, please protect me today and let me do the greatest work I can do. Let me be of service to you in the very best way, and so it is.” Or whatever you want to say to yourself just to establish the intention of protection.

Okay. Then you go and you do your work, and you help people, and you give your heart, and at the end of the day, you feel very depleted probably. So before you get back in your car, you’re going to do the same exercise. You’re going to light the sage. You’re going to pass it, and you’re going to say, “I bless the people I help today. Mother, Father, God, Spirit, I bless the people I help today, and with this energy and my intention now is to send healing to them while I release their energy.” So in other words, you’re releasing the energy because you don’t want to take that home with you. Right? You’re releasing it, but you’re not saying, “I don’t care.” You’re not just releasing it. You’re saying, “I am sending healing energy to you. I am blessing you while I release,” because you don’t want to take that home.

That way you keep your auric field intact, right? Because we spend a lot of time with our diet, caring about having good food and exercise, but you know what? Your auric field, your energetic field, that needs assistance too, just like your diet, just like your body needs exercise. So lets protect that. Okay, guys? Thank you so much for all the work you do, and my other son, he’s a fireman too. So I got it all in the family. Take care of yourself, guys. We need you.

Intro- message to first responders.

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