What Is Love?

What is Love?

What is Love? Anyone with a pulse eventually ponders this fundamental question about life.

The simple and most direct answer is: Love is All There Is!

As a psychic medium, the subject of Love is the primary reason people reach out to me for guidance. Does he love me? Is she my soul mate? When will I find love? Is he my twin flame? And the most common of all questions: Will my ex and I get back together?

All of these questions are rooted in our most basic instinct as humans experiencing Earth School. Everyone literally craves Love! As souls having a human incarnation, we came to this life to cultivate and express Love. Ironically, despite all its forms and expressions, there is so much confusion and consternation about the essence of Love.  What is Love?  And how do I find it?  Love is literally the life force moving us. It is the blood and heartbeat of our soul’s existence.

Everything in the universe can be reduced to two common denominators: Love and Fear.

These two emotions are the baseline expressions governing all things in the cosmos. Love and Fear are the fundamental building blocks of all our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In the quantum field, the essence of Love and Fear is expressed as Flow and Resistance. Literally, that is the meaning of life, and the foundation of all things: Love, physically expressed as Flow, and Fear, physically expressed as Resistance.

That is all there is to know about life in a nutshell.

But that simple definition of Love, and its opposite – Fear – does not satisfy nor console the brain, where our Ego lies. Because, as humans having a walkabout in Earth School, we have been veiled to forget the true nature of our Soul, which is Love in its purest form. We humans are designed to forget this divine soul purpose in order to experience the challenges and hardships of the human condition.

Through all the pain and suffering of Earth School, we are also programed to re-discover and re-cognize Love again, as the soul remembers itself, and grows through the hardships.

Earth School is designed to allow humans to transcend our Lower Self – the Ego brain – through loss, in all its expressions, and then transcend to our Higher Self – the Heart. We knew this as children. We came to Earth School to express and expand our Divine nature: That our Soul, in its truest form, is simply the energetic expression of pure Love.
Doesn’t that seem strange? If Love is all there is, why is it so hard to find, and why does the human heart suffer so much over Love? The simple answer has to do with the fundamental meaning and purpose of Life.

In the Spirit realm, everything is Love. The soul’s essence is Love.

In the physical 3D dimension where humans reside and experience the Soul Contract in action, we choose to experience challenges. This manifests in the form of loss, fear, worry, and hardships of all kinds. We humans undergo war, famine, disease, and death. Yet none of these experiences exist outside the 3D realm. When we leave this incarnation, and return to Source, we shed all of our human qualities. The ego, our sad stories, our suffering, our pain and misery evaporate into the ethers.

Everything we consider to be a hardship (resistance) is left behind, as we shed the mortal coil. Once we reunite with Spirit, and return to the true essence of our eternal Soul, there is only Love that emanates from our Divine Self, connected to Spirit God, just as the rays of sunshine are connected and part of the Sun. It is the same thing.

Coming to Earth School, we are thrust into the dimension of feelings, and the physical plane, which by its cosmic nature, can only exist with resistance – the opposite of Love.

I understand it’s complicated, because as humans, we have forgotten our true nature in order to experience the challenges our soul needs in order to advance our understanding of our true divine nature, which again, is Love!

And, in order to know what and who we truly are, we must know, and experience, what we are not!

Twin Flames
I will love you forever.

If indeed we are Love incarnated, then we must experience its opposite, Fear, in order to advance our understanding of our true nature. This is why Love is so fundamental to all of our human experiences, and why the challenges of Love are so prevalent in our lives.
Fear is the opposite of Love, therefore we will, as humans, experience Fear in all its shapes and sizes, in order to know that we crave its opposite: Love. For Love is All There Is.

Don’t give up yet. I know the brain wants a more definite answer to the conundrum of Love.

So, let’s get to the practical data to illustrate what Love is, and what it is not!

As a mother of three children, I got to answer all the crazy yet fundamental questions when my babies were toddlers. You know them: “Why is the sky blue? Why does it rain? Why do I have to sleep?” And eventually, as they mature, “What is Love?” That was my favorite question, and it usually came when the children were 4 or 5 years old.

“Mommy, what is Love?” They would ask with that beautiful child innocence. I described it as this:
“Love is a feeling that comes from your heart space, not from your brain. It feels like your heart is swelling up. Sometimes you feel your heart pumping more blood, and you get a warm and fuzzy feeling in your chest.

It’s how you feel when you hold a baby kitten, or how you feel when you’ve missed someone so much, and then they come home, and you hug them, and your heart feels funny, like it’s getting bigger, and swelling up.”

My children seemed to get it when I explained it like that. They could relate, and were satisfied with that description. Their faces would light up with joy, and recognition. They understood it and often added to my explanation with a follow-up definition: “And how you feel when you see butterflies?” Or, “How I feel when I hug my snugly bear?” But again, they were only five years old, and still vibrantly connected to Source. They were still experiencing life from their Higher Self, the Heart. Their Lower Self, the Ego, hadn’t taken over yet. The children knew Love because they were still connected to the Divine realm.

The Jesuits say: Give me your children for the first 7 years, and they will be Jesuits for life.

This is because for the first 7 years of life, our brains are operating in theta mode, where we are literally sponges, in a meditative state of consciousness. We are also still connected to Source, to God. That’s why children know Love and express it so effortlessly and unconditionally. That’s why their innocence is so adorable. Because children are literally still expressing Spirit’s Divine Love. As we age, our ego self takes over, and we forget our divine nature. That’s when the suffering truly begins. That is why we are here in Earth School.

As a psychic medium, I often get to answer adults when they ask: “Does he love me?”

That answer is so much more complicated, because as we grow older, and loose our connection to the Divine realm – usually around 8 or 9 years old – Ego takes over, and our heart then plays second fiddle to the brain. Eventually humans forget their true nature as it is camouflaged with selfish desires supplied by the Ego (brain) that knows nothing about Love (heart).
Jealousy, Envy, Possessiveness, Fear of Abandonment, Passion, Longing, Obsession, Revenge, and again… Jealousy.. have absolutely nothing to do with Love! That is the Ego fighting its way, trying to escape Fear, the opposite of Love!

When clients ask me, “Does he love me?” I answer with this definition:

Love, and how people express love, and understand love, is as unique as your fingerprint. If you ask anyone to write a 200 word essay on “What is Love?” I guarantee no two essays will be alike. I encourage you to take the test: The Five Languages of Love 
which will elaborate and define this reality. As adults, drunk from the human dream state and far from Spirit, we rely on our “nurture” of Love rather than our  innate “nature” of awareness. Everyone’s understanding of Love is a product of their upbringing. How they witnessed Love by their parents, or siblings, or the culture in which they were raised.

Once the ego takes over the heart – because that’s what we humans do in Earth School – we go into the life-long battle to remember our Divine nature. Our nature is to love. What we knew as small children, we forget as we mature, as we become indoctrinated by our family’s expression of love, and how society teaches us to love.

But those expressions of Love are ego based, and not reflective of the true nature that originates from Source, the Divine Spirit God. Yet the struggle of Ego over Heart and vise versa, is the reason why we all incarnated on earth.

The purpose of the human condition is to rediscover the true nature of Love, and expand on it.

Through the challenges we face in Earth School, we refine our understanding of Love. In Earth School, in order to know Love again, we must face everything that Love is not. Therefore, pain and suffering, fear, doubt and worry, are necessary to experience so that we can know what we are not, and what we do not want in our life. Then, we are forced to return to Source, and to know Love again.

Thankfully technology has allowed us to document millions of cases of NDE experiences, allowing us to literally know what happens to us when we cross over to the afterlife.
Every account of the afterlife by people who have “died” (although you never do), and come back to “life” describe the immense powerful energy of Love. Often they say: “Words cannot describe how powerful the love is, I’ve never experienced such a profound feeling. Words fall short.”

As a psychic medium, I have personally experienced this altered state of true Love.

It has happened several times, but I will share just two examples for you right now:

The first example of Divine Love happened when I had to put down our family dog, Lilly. She was the best dog. A golden retriever who we rescued when my children were in elementary school. We had Lilly for about 8 years. Eventually she got cancer, and when her body had deteriorated to the point where she couldn’t even stand up to go to the bathroom, I knew it was time to end her suffering.

I asked my children if they wanted to join me to say goodbye, but only two of my three children agreed. My oldest, Sarah, who was about 10 at the time, declined. We sat with Lilly in our arms, and the vet gave her the injection that would put her to sleep. He promised it would be a peaceful crossing.

I had my own profoundly spiritual experience while my children seemed…were… detached from the experience.

There are no words to describe the feeling, as I concur with all the other NDE experiencers who say the same. But in that moment, I felt what can be described as a fiery ball of energy that started in my feet. The dimension of the energy was about one foot circumference. Literally, it felt like a ball of fire, the size of a basketball. It started in my toes, and gradually made its way up through my body. When it hit my torso, I thought I was going to fall over and collapse on the floor. It was so intense.

Yet, as this ball of energy had shape and form, it also carried a feeling with it, that can only be described as the most intense Love energy I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Of course I love my children more than words can express. But this was more. It was a different kind of Love because it had electricity attached, and if I had been standing, it would have made my body collapse to the ground, on my knees.

The Love energy traveled up through my entire body, and then popped out of my head. I knew it was Lilly’s true Divine Spirit, moving through me. I knew Lilly had returned to Source, even though I could experience her in the 3D. It was literally heavenly.

I asked my children if they had felt it, but they didn’t seem to know what I had felt. Lilly chose to show me, with her Soul, made of pure Love, transcending as she moved through my earthly body.

The next example I will share with you happened during a psychic reading I was giving a client, long distance, via Skype. My client was a young woman. During the reading, I was suddenly overcome by the same energy that I felt with Lilly. Only this time, I felt it in my gut, and then it floated up to my heart chakra. Then it went into my brain, and suddenly I felt that same intense Love, as I had with Lilly. Instantly I knew what Spirit was showing me; where the energy was manifesting.
“Are you pregnant?” I asked my client.
She laughed, and said “Yes, I just found out. I haven’t even told anyone yet.”

So, I got to feel the new Soul, now resting in the mother’s womb.

The Soul that enters the mother’s womb anywhere from the first to the third month of pregnancy, was literally showing me its essence. That too was a beautiful experience words cannot describe. But I did my best to share it with my client, who was very appreciative and reassured about her pregnancy with that event.

What is Love?  It is the divine energy that is our true nature.

Love is what we take with us when we return to Source.  The fundamental essence of our Soul is Love.  We are challenged to rediscover in Earth School a brand new, higher version of  Love as an evolution of what it was in our previous lifetime. We are literally here to experience love more intensely.  As we transcend its opposite through the human condition, the Soul evolves. Hardships force the Soul to rediscover Love again, ever more fully than before!


Love Is All There Is!


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