Someone I Know and Love Has Cancer – What Next?

Hello Creative Imaginative Beings,

As a medical empath, I am regularly contacted by clients who are either suffering from cancer, or who have loved ones stricken with the Dis Ease. Like each of you, I too have known many people with cancer, and personally, more than 4 people in my own family have struggled, including my own sister who was diagnosed at 28 years of age with ovarian cancer, and given 3 months to live.

That was back in 1976, and at that time the doctors told my sister she would never survive, and even chemo and radiation would only slightly prolong her life, since the cancer was so advanced. She had tumors in her uterus the size of grapefruits.

But my sister said “NO!” to traditional medicine, and began instead, a natural cure involving juicing, coffee enemas, and tons of vitamins. And, she added Meditation. My sister not only cured herself 100% within a few months, she lived a long life, until she was killed in a freak accident 35 years later.

The whole point of this story is to share my knowledge with you all, because I have walked beside many cancer patients, and I know, as a psychic, that the traditional chemo and radiation treatment recommended by the AMA is the most toxic, and pitiful example of good medicine. Not only will this therapy harm you on a massive scale, it will potentially kill you.

I’ve decided to put together a comprehensive index of resources for anyone suffering from chronic disease, including heart disease, diabetes, and of course, cancer. Together we can help transform your body temple BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL HEALTHY STATE. Naturally.

It is not only possible, it’s relatively easy to heal yourself, and a lot cheaper than chemotherapy and radiation. Stand by for upcoming information that will transform your life. My first gift to you is the revolutionary documentary film created by Ty Bollinger, a personal hero, whose important research is changing the lives of millions each day, as we WAKE UP to TRANSFORMATION! Take back your power to heal yourself. It’s your body temple – no one else but YOU has the power to fix your machine.

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