Miracles in Trauma: Healing the Body Begins with a Good Attitude

Since we entered the “Age of Covid,” many have experienced trauma of some sort.  And, in order to heal from any trauma, let’s check our attitude first!

Humanity has been challenged greatly, and each of us is being called  upon, to overcome a unique soul challenge while the global population experiences the Covid Pandemic together. Since the outset of this event,  I have reminded my clients of this fact:

“We all decided in unison, before we entered this incarnation here on Pachamama, that it would be a great time for our souls to unite for a shared experience together.  Great idea! Let’s all come to Earth School as One, and experience an incarnation where each soul can be challenged with one central theme: A Global Pandemic, first of its kind on planet earth, in the age of technology.”

And then, beyond the collective Pandemic theme, everyone with a pulse can then endure an additional personal crisis, a theme unique to each individual: An event that the soul seeks to transcend, together with the collective theme of  Covid.

It might be another health theme, a story of war, famine, a failing career,  or another  personal financial crisis.  Whatever that particular soul chooses to experience -and then overcome – while under the collective, universal experience of the pandemic.

What is Your Covid Theme?

I’d love to know, so email me your story because I’m genuinely interested!

For me, it was a Near Death Experience, that affected my entire physical body for a solid year. I will share with you the gory details, because it’s fascinating, and it proves that attitude can definitely help you heal faster. In fact, you can actually find joy transcending a traumatic experience:

I’ve never broken a bone in my entire life. I made it all the way to 64  without any traumatic injury ever. But on March 22, 2021, I had a motorcycle accident.  I fell and broke my right arm. Lucky for me, I was left handed, so no big deal.  What I didn’t know was that I was violently allergic to fiberglass casts.

Within a few days of wearing the cast I learned that at exactly 76 degrees, my cast reached the perfect temperature to release microscopic fragments of fiberglass into my skin. This  felt as if billions of tiny razor blades were cutting into my arm beneath the cast. It was excruciatingly painful, and I literally could not leave my house for two months while my broken arm healed. The pain was so horrible, I returned three times to the hospital to have the cast replaced, but each time proved the same scenario: Anything above 76 degrees would cause the razor blade effect.

My Broken Arm Was The Best Thing That Happened to Me!

It’s true. I needed that broken arm more than I knew, at the time! There were several blessings that came from my first broken bone, and that horrible cast. But the best lesson was learning that I was allergic to fiberglass!

After my arm healed, I went back to yoga, surfing, bike-riding, and yes, I even got back on my motorcycle without fear.  I did research health insurance, and decided it was probably a great idea to invest there, since I had been living for 11 years without it since I left the USA to move to the jungle of Costa Rica.

So, I bought health insurance. Not that the broken arm had been expensive. In fact, the entire bill was less than $1000 including all visits to the orthopedic doctor, all x-rays, and even including the 70$ taxi fee I had to pay each time I went to the hospital.  But life in Costa Rica is much cheaper than the USA, so I had been very lucky with the broken arm expenses. The gift of the broken arm resulted in the knowledge of my allergy to fiberglass, and my personal wake-up call to the need for health insurance. Thank you Spirit for those critical life lessons.


Finding Meaning from Trauma: This video was shot by my neighbor the day I broke my arm:


My Broken Arm was Just A Teaser. The Real Challenge Came Next!

The uptake on the broken arm was health insurance, and the knowledge of my hyper- sensitivity to fiberglass. When I went into the insurance office to sign up for a policy, I chose the six month option. It would expire on December 15th, 2021.  I was just signing the contract when I heard the Voice.

It was my no. 1 Spirit Guide. I’ve heard his whisper many times in my life, always at enormously critical moments. It always comes in my left ear, and sounds exactly like someone standing next to you, leaning in close to your ear, and speaking in a soft voice.  He said specifically: “Don’t let your contract expire on December 15th. Extend to the end of the year.”

The Voice Never Lies, and This Time Was No Different:

“How much would it be if I extended the policy to the end of the year?” I immediately asked the agent. ”

“Another 16 dollars,” the agent answered.

“Let’s do it. I want to extend my policy beyond December 15, to end on December 31 instead please.”

“No problem Signora.” And so we extended the policy.

What happened next requires us to jump to Part II of this story. It begins on December 15, 2021. The day my insurance was (almost) scheduled to expire. I am going to share an amazing story of what happened on that fateful day.

To continue this story, click here : The Voice Part II





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  1. Thanking you to provide valuable post ,yes it was a Near Death Experience, not only you many of people who are injured have been gone through it , but as your pain cant be feel as much you suffer ,but thank god finally you are cure and healed what ever happen ,bless you

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