Spiritual Itch – It’s Time to Change

When you’re hit with a Spiritual Itch, it’s time to make a change in your life.

It’s how your Higher Self delivers a message to move on. Literally, it’s code talk from your Soul urging you to evolve, to grow-up and transition to the next level of your Soul’s evolution.

Everything looks fine on paper. But in your heart, and deep in your gut, you become aware that reality has shifted. Feeling unsettled, something is not right, but you don’t know what it is. Suddenly, you feel different, and what was fine yesterday now feels wrong.

When you’re driving in your car, and you get the sensation of something you don’t see, motivating you to quickly glance in your rear view mirror; you catch a corner of a bike rider and you think, “Oh God, I almost hit that person!” But he was barely visible, like a ghost rider. And you are startled awake. “Man, I need to pay more attention…”

With a Spiritual Itch, it’s not your physical body that is bothered.

It’s your inner spiritual self that is twitching. It’s your Higher Self calling, from somewhere deep within, and you sense a swell, an ocean current, a tide rising. But you can’t pin point the origin. Nothing has really changed on the physical plane.

The great waters that spill over dark sand erupt, violently unleashed from the ocean floor, and suddenly the water is not blue, but cloudy. You can sense a change of current in your life, pulling you, like a riptide.
Then the sun hits the water, and as quickly as the waters were opaque they become clear again, and you are relieved. But soon, it becomes dark again, and you wonder…Where am I going?

It is clear as you live your day-to-day life, while you pay the bills, go to work, wash your clothes, dust your furniture, fill your car with gas,… something is missing:  As if you are constantly tripping over Life. You become aware of the ebb and flow of a new emotion that produces subtle anxiety. It’s not immediately apparent – this bleeding wound –  that surfaces like a small annoying splinter you can’t remove..

At first, you can ignore the irritation. But as time progresses, it forces you to pay attention; not from your head, but from your heart. You sense the bike rider on your tail, once in your blind spot, now in full view.

Spiritual Itch is not a billboard announcement.

Like a small splinter becomes more annoying as it gets infected, your psyche nags you on a regular basis that Stairway to Heaven signyou have fallen off course. Now something is askew. You want to cry but you cannot, because after all, nothing is really wrong.  You could just choose to settle, and not change, not move forward, not forge new paths, and relax into the norm like everyone else seems to do. You could come to accept that everything is “just fine.” Your job is “just fine,” and your life is “just fine.” Your family, your house, your relationship are all “just fine.”

Then why do you feel so unsettled?  You might feel like running away, but you don’t. Then you listen to music, and the song hits a chord and you feel lost again. You think something must be wrong in your head, because why should something so seemingly right, suddenly feel so wrong?

Your little life nest, which is so perfectly packaged, how could you feel such unrest?

Why don’t you see your world as idyllic when everyone else does? Yet, you are in pain here. Settling in this reality, momentarily you resign, and your brain dismisses your dis-comfort.  At times, it might feel like anxiety – as if you cannot breathe.  You watch people walk their dogs, water their lawns, clip the hedges to the required 1.2 meters high. You look at branches that are askew and entangled and you are reminded of flaws in mankind. How is nature so forgiving to its imperfections, yet perfectly designed? Despite earthquakes, tidal waves and forest fires, nature is accepting, in perfect order despite constant change.

When the human spirit releases an earthquake of emotion, where does that energy go?

The cosmic law is to send it back to you. like the tides, it comes back to splash you in the face – to wake you up and remind you where you are going in life. Trying to balance the ebb and flow of spiritual stretching is the challenge that causes great internal consternation. But Spiritual Itch is fundamental to the human condition. It’s how  Spirit lets us know it’s time to grow.

And my darling Earth Walker, change, albeit uncomfortable, scary and unforgiving, is exactly what the Divine Soul craves, to satisfy its hunger and thurst for evolution. It’s exactly why you came here. And the Spiritual Itch is Spirit code for: “Let’s go. Time to move on!”

So, be bold and forge ahead dear Earth Walker! Even if the path is unmarked, fear not! The Spiritual Itch is your signal to move forward, for it is you compass  guiding you along your journey here, according to your Soul Contract, written long before you entered this incarnation.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Itch – It’s Time to Change”

    1. Hello Noah,

      I just answered you in an email but I will repeat here. GREAT QUESTION! EXCELLENT OBSERVATION!
      I did just address “Spiritual Itch” but because every human is unique, and each soul story (your contract for this incarnation) is your personal fingerprint, I couldn’t give the solution to scratch the itch. BUT….
      What I CAN DO…is give you the exercise and method to discover where to go when you get the itch. That I can do, and WILL DO TOMORROW as I make your question my theme on the October 23 Blog Post Topic:
      Feeling Lost? Can’t See the Future But Change is On The Horizon….Here’s how to scratch that Spiritual Itch!

      I’ll write the answer tomorrow, and hopefully post in by afternoon. You will be given more info on how to connect to your soul contract to read your future, or at the very least, dispell all fear about tomorrow and trust the story unfolding. Life is just like riding a bike. Once you get your balance you can let go of the handlebars and chill…..

  1. There are no words to express how this speaks right to me. I would normally say it’s crazy but now I know it’s the universe.

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