Tamarindo Psychic Sally Rice explains: What to expect from a reading

Based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, psychic medium Sally Rice provides readings in person and via Skype. In this latest video, Sally describes what to expect from a reading. There are many kinds of psychic readings available for clients. Sally breaks down the menu of options: Psychic Intensive; Psychic Mediumship; Remote Viewing; Akashic Records, and more.

“There are many choices on the menu of services,  so I wanted to help people understand what to expect from a psychic reading before they make the investment.  My objective is to help you receive the information and answers you desire. Whether you are trying to connect with someone across the veil, or if you need direction on where to find your next job, your Spirit team is standing by, so let’s connect.”

In this video, I will break down the types of readings, and which one may be right for you. However, in the end it really doesn’t matter which service you choose, because your Spirit Team already knows why you came, and what answers you need. So whether you choose a Psychic Intensive, or a Trance Mediumship session, your advisors from the other side know why you came and through me, they will certainly deliver the information you need.

What to expect from a reading with Sally Rice?

We (your Spirit Guides and I) strive to bring you Peace of mind, closure, deep understanding of spiritual issues affecting your life, and a greater awareness of your own personal strength, your gifts and talents, and your life purpose.

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Video Transcription

Now that you’ve chosen to learn a little bit more about a psychic reading, I wanted to help you decide on what kind of a session to choose. When you go to schedule a reading in the header you’re going to be brought to a menu of different types of readings. Psychic intensive, remote viewing, psychic mediumship. They all do different things depending on what your needs are. I even have a 911 option for people who need help right away. If you need help today, call me or email me, let me know that you want to schedule a reading and I will get you in, that’s what it’s for. Otherwise, if you just want a little help on choosing what kind of a session might work for you, let me just give you a little bit of a breakdown.

Now you know that a psychic is one thing and a medium is something else. I happen to be a psychic medium. So what that means is that a psychic, and you’ll see for example a psychic intensive, that’s a service that is for say you have questions about your career or you don’t know where to move or you’re thinking of changing your life or you have concerns about a relationship. Anything that’s going on with the physical world, that would be a psychic intensive.

Now, if you have lost something. If one of your family members has been kidnapped as was a case that I’ve helped on many times. If you have money that’s missing. If you’ve been robbed and you want to know where your stuff is, that would be remote viewing. That’s where I go and I actually look and see with my third eye, or whatever it is that allows me to see these things, I can actually point out the location and we can find something.

If you, however, have lost someone dear to you, someone has crossed over. Or you want to connect with past relatives, then that would be a mediumship reading. Medium’s are individuals who can communicate with spirits on the other side of the veil. So that’s mediumship which is different from psychic work. For example, Theresa Caputo, she always says, “I’m a medium. I’m not a psychic, I’m not a psychic. I’m a medium”. So that’s the point. So it depends on what you want.

Now obviously a 911 session it doesn’t matter. You call me for whatever you need. The other thing too you’ll see is trance mediumship. Now that would be, for example, if you want to access your Akashic records. If you want to connect with who you were in a past life or you want to know, say, “Every time I go to this place I get a weird feeling”. For example, for me, of course I remember my other lifetime in Peru, that’s a separate subject. But when I’m in Peru and I touch something, I can actually go back into my past life and it becomes audible. Like I can close my eyes and actually hear the activities and the people from, say, the 1500. It’s wild. That would under the category of trance mediumship.

Lastly, before you go and select the type of reading you want, let me just say one thing. If you’ve never had a session with me before, I highly recommend you doing the astrological birth chart/psychic session. That is awesome because I will introduce you to you for the first time, perhaps, in your whole life.

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