You’re Not Lost. You’re Just Evolving!

Feeling Confused? Lost your compass and can’t find your way in the world? Don’t worry, it may just be the Evolution of Your Soul in Divine Transformation.

Here’s the fundamental challenge about the soul’s evolution.  The brain, separate from the soul, doesn’t recognize itself when it is transforming. Evolution often shows up as instability, chaos, recklessness, fear, and of course our old standards: worry and doubt.

It may feel like everything is falling apart. But that’s not what is really happening. Think about Mother Nature. The acorn does not recognize the oak tree, and yet it is the same thing. The caterpillar doesn’t recognize the butterfly; It is a foreign legion. The infant cannot comprehend the adult it will become. And even the elder nearing transition at death’s door has no connection to its own infancy. And yet it came from that.

All of this proof, all of this science, is wisdom and insight from Mother Nature about the “nature” of the Universe. All of these physical expressions of our world, literally the physics of nature, proves that the only thing that is truly relevant is this single moment of existence.  The only thing truly relevant is Now: This magical moment in eternity!

Where are You right now?
What are You doing in This Moment?

Consider This: Certainly your identity with your own childhood is not relevant in this moment. Your brain doesn’t linger there. It is in the past. Equally irrelevant and even more insignificant is the future. The brain is not designed, nor capable of seeing the future. It is only wired to record the present, which then becomes the past.

The brain can never truly see the future, so it is a waste of time to ask what it can never see.

Why would I waste my time thinking about where I will be five years from now, or in two months, next week, or even tomorrow? Because that doesn’t even exist right now. I only have this one moment that I can control, that I can experience. I must make it a great moment, for it is all I have.

Again, like the acorn to the oak, the caterpillar to the butterfly, or even the idea of today versus tomorrow, your brain can’t comprehend what it will be, and you won’t find any truth about the future from the brain. So why do we even waste time thinking about it?

Let’s just sit into the moment that we are in. And when you choose your activities, and your mindset, and your intentions for the moment you are in, you structure it with the vision of what you long to create.

Therefore, whatever I’m doing right now, in this moment, becomes my focus.

What are the thoughts I allow to form in my brain? Are they productive, supportive, and healing for me in any way?
What are the the actions I am taking right now to prepare for tomorrow?
What TV show am I watching? Is is good for me? Am I learning, and growing intellectually? What food do I choose to eat today? Will my body be happy with that choice tomorrow?

Perhaps most important of all is the company we keep.

Our emotional wellbeing, and our community experience is highly affected by the top five people we associate with on a daily basis. Ideally the top five people you mingle with will be supportive, and influential in positive ways.

If you are spending extensive amounts of time with people who treat you poorly, or who make you feel bad when in their presence, change your group of friends and associates.

Make an inventory of the most influential people around you and you be the judge of their impact on your mental and physical wellbeing.

Once you surround yourself with like-minded, hopefully friendly people, while focusing only on the present, you can step into a blissful state of being.

With this intention, you can literally experience Heaven on Earth.

Living in the present moment,  I will take one step forward for today, to prepare for tomorrow, without thinking about tomorrow.

There’s a big difference to living each day focused on the moment instead of worrying about the future that doesn’t exist.

That’s all I can do today. I can think of each moment as a preparation for the future, and I will choose to make the right decisions to ensure that my thoughts, actions, and above all, my intentions, are in alignment with my goals for tomorrow.

It is a choice, therefore, to live for today, focused only on the present moment.

Ideally, your Thoughts, Actions, and Words match the vision and dreams of what YOU want to manifest tomorrow. When actions today match the vibrational frequency of what you are trying to bring forth for the future, divine manifestation occurs.

Staying in the vibrational frequency of this moment will ensure that the eternally evolving soul will handle any experience it encounters.

The soul experiencing human form and metamorphasis,  transitions perfectly from flow to friction in accordance with the divine design of Mother Nature.

When our Higher Conscious self (heart) trains the brain to trust the Soul Contract unfolding (faith), it makes thoughts to support that agenda. And magically, Peace (wellbeing) ensues.

With this simple practice, you will awaken to know fully that you are an Eternal Spiritual Being, forever evolving in perfect divine order.

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