Where Do I Go Now? How Do I Know What To Do With My Life?

A previous blog post entitled Spiritual Itch – It’s Time to Change, provoked a response from a reader named Noah, who stated:

“I’m looking for more, such as where do we go when we feel this spiritual itch?”

Great question Noah!

Once we are blasted with a Spiritual Itch, and we feel the need to change something in our life – but we don’t know what it is, or what exactly to do – it can result in depression and the opposite of Spiritual Itch.  We can sometimes fall into a state of helplessness and a feeling of being lost in the world. It all boils down to a battle between the heart and the brain when thay are not in alignment. Spiritual Itch requires action from the heart space to help us transcend our circumstances. But for many people experiencing the itch, they turn to the brain for guidance. That’s the pitfall.

Spirit Connects through the Quantum FieldSpiritual Itch is by nature, a motivation to move forward. It shakes up our world and makes us feel the need to alter something in our life. Perhaps a job, or a relationship, or even a home that no longer suits us. Maybe we need to change careers, or even move to another state or country.

Spiritual Itch is the impetus but strangely it sometimes produces the opposite effect. Then we dive into the depths of dispair because we don’t know  how to change our situation,  We feel helpless and confused. Helpless, confused thoughts lead to a form of depression that manifests as lethergy often accompanied by an intense brain fog that hits us when we look at our future from that portal. This response feeds on itself, producing more feelings of helplessness and confusion. Then we are trapped with unplesant feelings of being lost in the world without a compass.

Fear not, there are ways around these responses to Spiritual Itch. 

If you’ve suddenly lost your umph in life, and feel like a tired helium balloon rolling along the pavement, you’re not alone. This reaction is quite normal for many who, when Spiritual Itch strikes, protest the change that’s imminent on the horizon.

People are by nature, addicted to comfort. We don’t necessarily like to change. In fact, most people are quite uncomfortable with the thought of changing anything significant in their life.

Why? Because the brain  normally dominates the soul as it journeys through Earth School. When we return to the eternal state of Spirit, waking up from our current earth walk, our brains are left behind, as the heart and soul of our true nature transcends the human condition. But while we are in Earth School, mankind usually defers to the brain as the source for divine information.

It wasn’t always this way however. We humans have spent the last few hundred years dominated by reductive materialistic thinking.

Whereby, “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.” But according to the ancient wisdom of the shamans, and the indigenous wisdom keepers throughout history who understood the Divine Nature of Spirit, it’s the heart that connects us to the eternal realm, not the brain.

That’s where the challenge lies. That’s why we ultimately feel lost.

Because the brain knows nothing about the future! The brain is not psychic. In fact, as a psychic medium, I can assure you that all visions and preditions I receive in sessions with my clients,   come from an external realm outside the 3D.

The “Knowing” as I like to call it, originates from another space, outside the brain, in the ethers. I could say more accurately that psychic intuition is heart based wisdom not brain based. When Spirit speaks to me, I can hear the words being whispered into my left ear, from a source outside of my own body, while my body acts as an antenna, or receiver.

It’s not my brain delivering the wisdom and information from the Spirit realm. Intuition and spiritual insight come from a place that has not yet been accurately defined by todays scientists, quantum physicists, and certainly never by reductive materialists!

Therefore, I never ask my brain for insight into the future, or for any information other than issues pertaining to the 3D realm – specifically relative to the past.

The brain is a great source for information pertanent to the physical realm but not the sprit realm.  I use the brain to help me remember where I put my keys, or how to assemble furniture from Ikea. My brain tells me  to remember to pick up my dry cleaning, and to pay my bills on time.

But I would never ask my brain to help me make a decision about where to live, or whether to stay in a relationship or a job, because the brain can’t know about tomorrow, or the unknown. But the heart can, and does know everything about the future and exactly where we are supposed to go.

The depression and frustration that comes from “not knowing what to do” when we face Spiritual Itch, happens only when the individual suffering from Spiritual Itch relies on the brain for answers. That’s the downfall.

The brain, not knowing the future, will only spout out thoughts of fear, worry and doubt when asked for information about the future. The brain is the where EGO resides (Edging God Out). And the EGO doesn’t like to say “I don’t know.” So it responds to our questions with fearful scenarios about the future because the brain only knows the past.  That’s why, when we want to know what to do, or where to go from here, we turn to the heart for comfort, inspiration and answers. The heart has more neurons than the brain, and is the source of knowledge about what is unfolding in our life, even when the brain is clueless.

The heart holds all the secrets, and all the knowledge of each person’s Soul Contract.


Spending time meditating while asking the heart such questions as “Show me where I will be in one year,” will provide valuable, accurate insight into your future, because the heart is where all the information from the Akashic Records is stored – not in the brain.

Therefore, when we are first hit with the Spiritual Itch, we can avoid the debilitating depression and lethergy produced by the brain, when we instead, turn within and ask the heart for direction and  information about how to move forward and where to turn.

Stand-up comic Kyle Cease gave a brilliant talk at the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, where he teaches us how to do the meditation to connect to the heart’s intelligence, bypassing the brain. I recommend everyone watch this Ted Talk style lecture, choosing the 9:00 am service, then scrolling to minute 48 when Kyle begins his speech.  I guarantee you will love it!

The idea is this: Spiritual Itch is the impetus to move forward and change something in your life, even when your brain protests.


Even when your brain doesn’t know what to do or where to go, your heart will give you answers, hope, and courage to forge ahead, along paths unknown. The heart knows all is well, and that the story unfolding has already been written.  Turn inwards, into the heart space.

When bypassing the brain, we can avoid that devistating feeling of depression and helplessness when the brain otherwise respond to us with fearful scenarios of the future. We can access our future story when we ask our heart to inspire us, to guide us, trusting that all events are always unfolding for our greatest and highest good.


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