Earth Day Message from Dr. Michael Beckwith AGAPE SPIRITUAL CENTER

Today’s message from Dr. Beckwith, Agape Spiritual Center:


“As I contemplate current world events—which simply can’t be ignored or bypassed—these words of Jesus the Christ come to me, “Cut off from the vine, you can do nothing.” How clearly he describes the connectivity of our world family, how what happens in the West vibrationally impacts the East, the North and South, and vice versa. And yet we continue to create and believe in artificially created man made borders. Nevertheless, there is good news: there being no separation between souls, compassion, love, peace and kindness boundlessly spread far beyond our prayer mat to all beings with whom we share the planet. And that is why I encourage us all to pray like we’ve never prayed before, to love like we’ve never loved before as our gift, our blessing upon the world and all sentient beings.”

Michael Bernard Beckwith


Bless Gaia, Planet Earth

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