The Voice of Spirit – God Has a Plan

(This is a continuation of a previous story. Click here for Part I)

This is a story of my own, albeit unconventional, NDE (Near Death Experience):

“It only took 37 years to write my first book. I was walking down the patio stairs at my father’s house, six months pregnant with my first child, when I composed the first line in my head.
I remember feeling terrified about revealing our family secrets to the world – actually putting it down on paper. This would etch it in stone, and make it real for others, not just me.

It had been my nightmare for so many years. Now I was going to share it with the world? I didn’t know how to string the events together in a creative way, and I didn’t know how the nightmare story would end.

Over the 3 plus decades it took me to finish the book, I asked my Spirit Guide regularly:
“How will I know where to begin and where to end the story?”
I always got the same answer.
“There will be an event. You will know how to end the story at that time. And you will know how to tell it to the world. There will be an Event.”

And so it was. A big event happened which miraculously bundled all of the other stories together in a neatly tied package, complete with a red bow. When that event happened, I was 53 years old. But as soon as the big event transpired, the story emerged from some deep source within me, like a scripted hemorrhage. To this day, when I re-read parts of the book, I honestly don’t know who wrote it. It doesn’t feel like me.”

* * * *

After the motorcycle accident in March of 2021, I had several months to heal before my dear friend Kristine and her family arrived for their first visit to Costa Rica.

Because there is a reason for everything, I was intuiting, even counting on the broken arm to be the source relief from my writers block. My broken arm would thrust me into writing my second book. And this book told no sad stories. It would be easy. This book would be pure magic: Only true accounts of Spirits, heavenly ghosts, miracles and strange tales of events that cannot be explained by logic.

Kristine arrived in August of 2021 with her husband and two huge, teenage boys. Thankfully, my broken arm had healed perfectly, so we did everything one should do when visiting Tamarindo: catamaran cruise, surfing, paddle boarding, swimming daily in the warm waters of the Pacific…

I’ve known Kristine for over 30 years. Our roots go back to our previous careers in the motion picture industry, where Kristine worked in production, and I worked as a costume designer. But for both of us, life markers that many would call crisis, moved us both from that universe. We were thrust into the cosmic awakening stage of our lives, and we  abandoned the film industry for a career in the healing arts.

Central Square Health and Wellness

Kristine is an amazing healer, a naturopath whose practice is in Cambridge Mass. Kristine reads your physical energy, and performs muscle testing. She taps into your energy field and diagnoses ailments that way. During her visit, she performed a healing  treatment on me and her report was strangely on point.

Kristine was working on my spine when she said, “That’s weird, I wouldn’t have guessed that.”
It was as if she were talking to a third party, but not to me.
“What, what?” Of course I was eager to hear.
“Your energy says that you have some blockage about something to say. Like you need to get something out, and say something. But that’s weird because you always say what you want to say. You never hold anything back.”

“I know what they’re talking about. It’s about my book. I’m supposed to write it. I thought my broken arm was supposed to help me. But go ahead, ask me how many words I’ve written since I broke my arm 5 months ago. Go ahead, ask me.”


“Uhhhh…I don’t know, how many? I give up.”

“A big fat Zero, that’s how many!”

That was as much of the conversation as I recalled, before Kristine and I spoke again last week, about our session together back in August of 2021. In our conversation she reminded me of what I revealed to her during that session:

“Don’t you remember, Sally? You told me that you were waiting for an event. You said your spirit guides told you the story needed an event.”

Witnesses To Spirit Connection

And there it was. Proof! I had forgotten that I shared that conversation with Kristine. Why? Because my relationship with Spirit is the most intimate, precious, private and divine relationship I have ever known. It has been an eternity of bliss to know Spirit as I do. And, to share this divine experience is to share my relationship with God. It doesn’t get more personal than that!

But, it always helps to have a witness to an event of Spirit communication.

Now that the Event has transpired, and I am here typing this story, I am grateful for it.
I have a story to stand on, providing me the launching green light to share my personal story of how I came to know God. Ones relationship with God is the most personal and profound story one can know for oneself.

It was my NDE, the Near Death Experience, that provided the stitching to the tapestry quilt of my encounters with Spirit. It gave me confidence to share this intimate story of Spirit God with anyone who might be interested. It’s a great story full of miracles. And, who doesn’t love a miracle?

The Voice of My Spirit Guide

The first time I heard Spirit I was five years old. But let’s define “Spirit“ first.

I have been hearing and seeing entities my entire life. Since I was in diapers, barely six months old, I saw entities. What many might call ghosts, even aliens. That’s different. I’m talking about the voice of your Spirt Guide. The one that is assigned to You alone.
The One, the Only One. I’m talking about that voice! The one that knows your life purpose, and what is to become of you in it. The Spirit that protects and stands by you in this incarnation. That One. That’s who I’m talking about when I say Spirit in this conversation here and now.

I was five, walking to Kindergarten, up Angeles Crest Drive to school with Nancy, who was almost crying telling me about her argument with Michelle, another girl in our class. Nancy was so upset, but I could tell she had misunderstood something that happened to Michelle, and it backfired. Nancy was taking something personally and it wasn’t against her. I don’t know how I knew this, I just knew. I could see their conversation remotely, and it was as if I was there, physically, watching Nancy and Michelle argue.

That’s when Spirit first showed up. I was explaining to Nancy what I had seen, (remotely), trying to fix this gross misunderstanding between childhood friends. That’s when I heard the voice loud and clear for the first time I can remember.

Spirit Sounds Like a Gentle Old Man

It always comes in on the left side, and sounds like a kind old man (yes it’s a man’s voice) gently whispering, or speaking softly into my ear like a soft breathe. This first time he said:

“This is what you are supposed to do.” Spirit said it gently, but very matter of fact.

Being five, I didn’t understand it, but this message is forever etched in my brain as one of my most solid, crystal clear audible memories I have in my life. I can even describe our outfits, Nancy’s and mine. But who cares. Point is, Spirit told me then, at five years old, specifically what my life purpose was, even though I didn’t understand the message at that time. Spirit literally gave me the answer to my divine soul purpose in this incarnation while I was walking up a steep hill to Kindergarten.

That was the first time I audibly heard Spirit tell me something specific. It’s happened many times throughout my life. Strangely, I don’t know his name. I call him Spirit. Many other people claim to know the names of their guides, but I don’t. I would be lying if I named him. That would be a false label. He’s never told me his name.

In telling you this story of miracles, it is critical that I remain faithful to the authentic truth. I am bound by my eternal contract with God to speak only my divine truth as I have experienced it. If I am not one hundred percent honest in my depiction of my encounters with Spirit, my words become blasphemy.

Another  Message From Spirit

Do you remember when I told you Spirit delivered a message to me when I was filling out my health insurance application in July of 2021, following my motorcycle accident?  Spirit had whispered into my ear, yet again, sage advice to help me on my journey in Earth School.

The six month health insurance policy was scheduled to expire on December 15, 2021. I was just about to sign the contract when Spirit said: “Extend the policy to the end of the year. Don’t let it expire December 15th.”

I immediately asked the insurance rep what it would cost to extend to December 31, 2021, and then paid that amount.

The Big Event : 12/15/21

I woke up that Wednesday morning not feeling the work vibe. It was definitely a mid-week slump. I was frustrated with myself for my lack of productivity, not having written anything,  not one word of my book. All 48 chapters were titled and stored in the only existing page: The Table of Contents. I had all the stories in my head, but I couldn’t seem to sit down and focus.

That sentiment had been lingering since I broke my arm. I didn’t have any more excuses; it was pure writer’s block. What made it silly was I now had what I called “Anita Moorjani envy.” No joke. I can honestly state that I was thinking on several occasions how lucky she was to have experienced her NDE. Her story, Dying to Be Me was so uplifting, miraculous in every way. She was reborn and her life became one of traveling the world and speaking to everyone about her experiences with God. How awesome is That!

So, Wednesday morning I stood in my living room, transfixed, contemplating Anita Moorjani, her divine story, and wondering where in the world she was today? It was a very surreal feeling that came over me, quite suddenly. I won’t say it was a complete out of body experience, but kind of. Very close, because I felt that I was observing myself standing in my living room, feeling perplexed. It was as if my Higher Self were witnessing my Lower Self …existing.  My mood was heavy, and at a certain point I spoke directly to Spirit God, and said: “I feel so lost. I don’t know if I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. (I was referring to my divine life purpose.)

“That’s it. I’m not working today. What shall we do Stella?” I said to my dog after I came to present awareness.

“It’s a great day for adventure.”

After packing the beach bag, we headed for the Grateful Hotel, in Playa Grande. First we walked along the beach, then hopped in a small panga boat, and sailed down the estuary canals. The Grateful Hotel is named for the Grateful Dead band. The artwork is everywhere, and dead head music plays throughout the hotel. I swam in the pool, had a great lunch, and Stella ran around the property all afternoon. Around 4 pm, we headed home.

I vaguely remember finishing my meal at the Grateful Hotel, but I don’t remember the boat ride back to Tamarindo Beach. I do remember a brief encounter with the guard at my condo building, and I do remember the Voice. But, what happened next is sourced from what others have told me, and video surveillance footage.

When Stella and I made it back home, a new guard was on duty. Normally, the guard opens the front gate for you, or you enter a secret code (that changes every two weeks for security) and you let yourself in. On that day, I didn’t have my key, or the code, which had just changed again. For some reason, the new guard didn’t have a key or the code to the building either! We were both locked outside of the huge complex surrounded by 20 foot high walls of concrete.

I do remember the moment, when my brain decided, “I don’t have a choice, I have to get inside my condo. I’m a rock climber. I can scale the building.”

It’s true, my son Jordan and I had founded Rock Climbing Costa Rica in 2011. We led rock climbing tours around Costa Rica for a few years, so I was a confident climber. Besides, I had scaled this building before. It wasn’t the first time I’d been locked out. So I scaled the outside of the building, along the second story above the ground level garage driveway below.

I had to shimmy along a narrow concrete ledge while hugging the exterior wall. There are also 3 Doric columns to circle around, and that’s where I got stuck. I was almost to the end, just one more column to pass around, when I heard the voice: “Get ready to fall.” That’s all he said. I heard him, and at that very second I stopped, and then prepared to jump. It all happened at the same time: the Voice, losing my balance, and preparing to jump. All actions occurred simultaneously. This moment I do remember, even though it was just a split second of the mega event.

I also remember my intention when I realized I was falling. I wanted to land like a dancer.  Like a ballerina doing a leap in the air, and landing gracefully on her tip toes, and then ending the jump gently in a demi plié.

It’s a miracle I can see.

Falling from a second story building barefoot is not recommended. But I did land on my feet like a dancer.  According to witnesses,  I was unconscious, and lying there for about ninety minutes before the ambulance came. A few neighbors were on site. My dear friend and neighbor Holly, accompanied me in the ambulance for the one hour drive to the hospital.

The next memory I have, is of the doctor stitching my eyelid back together. And then I don’t remember anything until a few days into recovery.

I shattered multiple bones in the fall.  When I landed on my feet, they crumbled like crackers from the impact. Then my left hip hit the concrete, which caused a severe internal hemorrhage.  Next, my elbow hit the pavement and that too shattered into multiple fragments. My face was last to hit the ground.  My left cheek crashed onto the concrete with such impact it fractured my cheekbone.  But perhaps the most impressive was what happened to my eye. My left eyelid was almost completely ripped off, and my eyeball was exposed to the ground.

It’s a Miracle to be Alive

In total, I had severely fractured both feet, and my left arm. And there was that fracture on my cheekbone. And, I should have lost my eyesight when my eyeball hit the pavement. But miraculously, my eyes suffered no permanent damage. More importantly, I should have bled out. The internal hemorrhage on my left hip was so severe, I couldn’t sit up for well  over a month.  Lucas, my fireman/medic son, told me that if I had hit my hip bone one centimeter higher, I would have fractured my hip too.

The biggest miracle of all was that my spinal column was not injured at all.  The doctors and nurses have all commented on this. When you fall that far, bare feet onto concrete, a reverberation happens that sends a reaction up your spinal column. Logically, and according to physics, I should have fractured my spine.  Despite all the injuries, there would be no permanent damage whatsoever.

The nurses all started repeating the same phrase to me, when they heard how the accident happened, while they were nursing me back to health: “You have been reborn. You are going to have a new life.” It was strange, how they were in unison with this message. But  then, it was remarkable how everything turned out.

Post surgery stitiches

My healing was extremely rapid. Not only was it a miracle to be alive, but the way my body recovered was equally supernatural. Within one month, all my scars disappeared, and I was walking after only 8 weeks.

And no casts, ever! I was so grateful for my broken arm last March, because I learned then, that I was allergic to fiberglass. When the doctor told me I had two broken feet and a broken arm, it seems there was an attempt to put casts on all three.  I fought that decision with fury, and in the end didn’t have to suffer any casts. Despite being bedridden for over a month, the healing was swift.


Surviving a Near Death Experience
My arm healed in only a few weeks.

Although I was hoping for the traditional NDE experience,  you know, the white light, and the tunnel? When (according to millions of testimonials), you find yourself speaking face to face with God? That NDE!  I didn’t have that kind. I only had a nearly-dead experience.

The accident changed everything in my life. It gave me perspective again on the magic of the Universe, and the power of God to heal. More importantly, I was informed of exactly what was happening, and what was going to happen, twice during this milestone Event:

-Spirit obviously knew the accident would happen on December 15! Otherwise, why would he have told me to extend my policy to the end of the month?
-Spirit told me to get ready, I was about to fall.  It is certain my soul contract contains this event.

There you have it. Spirit at work again, holding my hand along the way, guiding us, through thick and thin.

Miraculous too, were the events that followed the accident. Not only did I survive a near death experience, but to watch my body heal was fascinating. I felt as if I were a visitor inside a body, as I observed my body temple execute the repairs, while I was simply a witness to God’s healing powers.

Spirit had been alluding to this event the whole time. This miraculous event of escaping death, and healing like a child, motivated me to find the courage to share these stories. I am now prepared to reveal all 49 documented cases of supernatural events, ghosts, aliens, and memories of other incarnations, with anyone who might be curious to know my personal experiences with Spirit God.

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