Unfolding the Consciousness of the All Good

Happy Agape Day, from deep in the jungle of the Blue Zone, in Costa Rica. Unfolding the Consciousness of the All Good is a way of looking at life whereby you anticipate great results on a daily basis because you set your intention to unfold all that is good and powerful within you. It’s a daily practice, actually a 24/7 workout. But during those days where it may feel tough, there is instant relief available here if you’d like to check in with your Spirit team, connect with loved ones on the other side, or get an idea of what’s in store in your immediate future.

Live the Life You Choose

You can also tune in, online to the source I trust for spiritual nourishment. Not a Sunday goes by without tuning into my favorite Spiritual Community, the Agape Spiritual Center, via live streaming on their website at agapelive.com

Here is the weekly message posted on the homepage, from Rev. Michael Beckwith:

“It is to our individual and collective benefit to continuously evolve through our practices so that year after year we become more mature lovers.  So that we no longer withhold our love based on whether or not others share our ethical standards, values, political affiliations, religious beliefs or spiritual path. As our capacity to love expands, we discover something very profound:  No one except we ourselves have the power to prevent us from loving.”

Rev. Michael Beckwith

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