ASCENSION: Evolving to a Higher Vibration

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Physical symptoms your body shows when your vibration is changing.

Here is a great article I discovered that outlines the physical symptoms your body gives off when you raise your vibration. It’s full of wonderful details to put your mind at ease…No, you are not going crazy. You’re just evolving! Sometimes it sounds like aging, and even menopause, but according to this expert, Kyrya – the vocal alchemist,  your vibration is on the rise!

You may feel disoriented, develop a skin rash, experience sleeplessness, changes in diet and exercise patterns, feel emotionally distant from friends and people in general. These are but a few examples of how, when our Spirit body is morphing, we will certainly feel the changes physically, which will then affect us emotionally – of course, it’s only natural. Take a moment to read the article below which will give you many more details of the evolution that is taking place within, and don’t worry, you are not alone.

This is the time of transformation, the unfolding of the New Paradigm. Our old ways are shifting, and dissolving like ether, sand through a sieve. It is the law of the Universe, that once manifestation has occurred in this dimension, it has already begun to deteriorate. It is the way of all things, as all things come to pass – even You. Who you are today, in this moment, will not be the same You tomorrow – and so it is!

Are You in the Process of Ascension?
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