Psychic Advice, Life is an Adventure: Choose Joy

God Day from Psychic Sally Rice
Life is an Adventure! Sometimes we don’t know where the path will take us. That’s the great design of this fairy tale which is just an itty bitty incarnation in the One and only Life you have that is Eternal, never ending.
This little life, a grain of sand in the ocean of your soul’s evolution, is the dream, fairy tale.
The old (paradigm) story began “Once Upon A Time..”
The new story to unfold your highest good begins..
“Once Upon A Choice”
I choose Joy and Bliss, how ’bout you?

Images of flora, butterflies, and caterpillers shot at the Butterfly Gardens in Montezuma, Costa Rica on July 4, 2014. The Butterfly Garden is open to visitors 7 days a week, with an entrance fee of $4 US dollars. (Photos by sallyricefotos ©2014)

In order to fund my joy, I invest in AGAPE, under the direction of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, with gracious music from the Agape International Choir, under the direction of Rickey Byers Beckwith.

Today’s message from the Rev.:

Each of us is a holographic, reflective expression of our Creator Source. And just as its essence has no label in spite of all those we endeavor to place upon it according to our understanding, we also come into this world “label free.” What we need to cultivate is an “inner-standing” that supports us in relating to the pristineness of the Life Essence that animates, sustains, and expresses in, as and through us. Such an inner-standing will cause us to realize that no label has ever been nor can ever be placed on our spirit—not by our parents, society, peers, or ourselves.

Michael Beckwith
Agape Spiritual Center

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