Quantum Physics: How Spirit Communicates Remotely

 Quantum Physics is the Highway Spirit Uses to Communicate in Space Time Continuum.

Here is something fascinating that will blow your mind. It’s complicated, so I must use a personal experience to describe this phenomenon which is rooted in quantum physics. Now try to really concentrate on these details. It happened a few days ago, but I’m going to use the “present tense” when talking about the present being 2023, current time:

I am enjoying a lazy moment, scrolling through Instagram, when I come across a post showing a breathtaking photograph of Mt. Rainier, in Washington State. It is a beautiful image of this magnificent, snow-capped mountain.

I remember that I had been there with the love of my life, Bert…back in 1982, when I was 25 years old. That was now 41 years ago. My beloved Bert released his mortal coil 21 years ago. He crossed over in 2002.

So, in this present moment, 41 years after I experienced Mt. Rainier with Bert, the love of my life….. I’m still here on planet earth, experiencing my current incarnation. And in this moment, I am focusing on my love and memory of Bert, and his impact on my life, while I’m staring at an instagram image of Mt. Rainier.

Anyone can tap into the energy of the past. As a psychic medium, I can easily transport myself back 41 years to the moment Bert and I were together, on Mt. Rainier. I can revisit and witness simultaneously, the same beautiful landscape that I am viewing on the instagram feed in the present moment in 2023, as well as the moment I was there with Bert, 41 years ago in 1982.  It’s all quantum physics. My brain can multi- task, experiencing both the present moment looking at the mountain image, as well as the past when I was with Bert. Both the present moment and the past moment can be experienced simultaneously at the same newly present moment.

As a psychic medium with memories of my own past lives, I know that immediately after Bert crossed in 2002, he would have experienced his own Life Review. In Bert’s Life Review, he would have seen not only his own life in its entirety, but also the entire lives of all the people he affected in his incarnation as Bert, including my entire life. Why? Because Bert and I were soul mates, and we’ve had multiple lives together; our souls are entangled.

Therefore, in Bert’s Life Review, he would have tapped into how significant his soul had impacted my soul. In Bert’s Life Review – chapter of our entanglement – Bert would have seen beyond linear space time, to allow his Soul to literally SEE the future moment of how Bert affected the soul currently named Sally (me).

Bert’s Life Review would therefore allow him to see his future impact on anyone he affected, beyond the year 2002 when he crossed over. Bert would have been able to see me, in my current moment, staring at a picture of Mt. Rainier in 2023, witnessing Bert, as we were together on that same mountain back in 1982.

All souls entangled with Bert’s soul were collectively experiencing events outside this linear space-time dimension. Even though the present moment in 2023 hadn’t happened yet, when Bert crossed in 2002, he would have certainly witnessed future events in his Life Review, if the future events were connected, entangled in any way, with the soul incarnated as Bert.


In the quantum field, all events are happening simultaneously. The only separation of an event occurs in the observation of that event, when it is separated by focus, from its whole. Linear space and time dimension is only in the 3d realm.

Outside linear space-time, is the multi- universe, the quantum field which is like a infinite hologram of events occurring all at the same time, outside of time. Quantum physics is literally the universe’s neurological pathway to total conectivity of all things.

Technically, we are only separated from the whole only by a thread of a thought. But consider this: With an intention, I can, in this moment, tap into the same energy field of Bert, having his Life Review in 2002, where he was literally “seeing me thinking of him” in 2023, while I focus on both his Life Review, and the time we were together at Mt. Rainier in 1982. In the quantum field, everything is happening simultaneously.

Get it?
Now hold onto your horses. You won’t believe what happened next!

It had been 21 years since I last sat “with Bert” in a private meditation, brought forth after the instagram image of Mt. Rainier triggered a flood of heartwarming memories from the 1980s.

I swooned with Bert along Memory Lane until long after sunset. Immediately afterwards, I wrote this story, and then went to bed to watch a movie.

I didn’t have any particular movie in mind, so again, I began scrolling. This time, through old movies available on Netflix. In a seemingly mindless decision, I was moved to select a musically themed film staring Mark Ruffalo, called Begin Again.

Mark performs the role of Dan, a strung-out music producer who unexpectedly discovers Greta (played by Kiera Knightley), a blossoming singer-songwriter, performing in a dive bar.

Dan is captivated by Greta’s performance. Her voice is so sweet, and as she sings, the camera pulls in for a close up of Greta singing what will soon become a hit thanks to Mark’s intervention. Greta is singing her lyrics, with the camera focused tight on her face.

And then, came the punch. I couldn’t believe my ears. Was this a cosmic joke? Was this really possible? “Bert is that You?”


It was the song’s refrain. The lyric that repeated over and over, as Greta sang the words into the mic:

“Everything’s Coming Up Roses. Everything’s Coming Up Roses….”

I about had a heart attack. I was literally in shock. Complete disbelief, because it was just too uncanny. A crazy coincidence? The chances were one in a million. For the entire duration of our 30 year relationship, Bert never ended a conversation with me without saying this key phrase. It was Bert’s tag line, his mantra: “Everything’s Coming Up Roses!”

In my storage unit, I have a box of memorabilia. Inside are dozens and dozens of greeting cards Bert sent me over the years. Literally, every single one is signed the same:

“Everything’s Coming Up Roses” and then Bert always added a funny face with a heart around it. It was his signature for 30 years.

What does this mean? The answer is easy as pie. This is a perfect example of how Spirit can communicate with us through our electronic devices, creating messages using all sorts of platforms. In this instance, Bert’s eternal Higher Self, his Eternal Soul’s consciousness guided me to select this particular movie to send his message: Everything’s Coming Up Roses.

This key phrase, used by Bert for decades to close any letter or conversation, was technically, a kind of Spiritual Text!
Yes, texting is a skill Spirt has, and they use it all the time in various ways.

Do you remember the first time you heard about texting? Or how about a fax machine, or a pager, or an email? Each new discovery was introduced to an audience in awe of this new technology. We couldn’t believe it was possible at the time. Now, everyone is so used to technology we don’t give it a second thought. It’s the new normal.


Think of Spirit communication in the same way. It seems unbelievable to imagine Spirits can, or would communicate with us via computers, phones, movies, or electronics. But they do all the time. I personally have experienced this phenomenon on multiple occasions, as I will share with you now.

This particular “text” from Bert, using a movie and a song to deliver his loving message ‘Everything’s Coming Up Roses” was a classic example of Bert’s finesse. Such style, such sophistication and precision. Let me take a moment to break it down even further, with some more details about the source:

Bert, (and every other soul) is eternal. When a soul experiences an incarnation on earth, or any other planet for that matter, only a part of the soul experiences the incarnation. Think of an incarnation as a dream, with the soul being the dreamer. Just as we humans dream at night, it is not the

entire human that is in the dream, it is a part of the sleeping brain that is dreaming. The dreamer is sleeping while a part of the dreamers consciousness experiences the dream.

When the dreamer wakes up, he or she recalls the dream as a memory, although the dreamer is aware that his higher consciousness, the whole self, or true self, was sleeping unconscious in the bed at the time of the dream. So both are true. The dreamer sleeps, while a part of the dreamer experiences the dream.

So it is with our incarnations on earth and elsewhere. A part of our soul remains in the eternal consciousness, in the Universal Mind of the ineffable, what some call God Spirit. Another much smaller part of the soul dreams…the physical incarnation in the dense space of Earth School.


Therefore, a part of Bert’s consciousness – his Higher Self – remains steadfast in the eternal dimension of Spirit. In this dimension: Bert Knows All Things. This is true for all sentient beings.

He is a multi-dimentional being with enormous unimaginable gifts and talents. Bert’s Soul can turn its attention to the earthly realm to witness any soul having an incarnation. When I set my consciousness to tune into Bert, as I traveled down Memory Lane scrolling through Instagram, that was like me making a spiritual phone call. Bert received my call, and answered.

Technically, my focus on Bert as I remembered our time on Mt. Rainier together, and the subsequent story I wrote about him, was my Higher Self connecting to Bert’s eternal consciousness. And he heard me loud and clear.  Bert’s subsequent manipulation of our dense, 3D dimension by moving me to select the film for the song, was his way of sending me a psychic text. He literally sent me a message from the Spirit realm. And it worked like a charm. It was a perfect, divine message from my beloved.

I promised I’d share more stories about Spirit texting. There are so many.  But I want to tell you specifically about a wacky experience that happened in Costa Rica. Sit tight, I’ll cover it in the next blog post for July!

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