Children Who Have Lived Before

Are you curious, perhaps on the fence about reincarnation? You’ve come to the right place. With my 3 year obsession on this subject (I’ve clocked in several thousand hours of study), I’ve compiled a list of documentary videos which provide all the scientific proof you will need to prove that life after death does indeed exist.

The reincarnation case studies listed here are primarily reports involving children from all over the world, whose stories of past lives were researched and documented through the University of Virginia, under the direction of Dr. Ian Stevenson, and Dr. Bruce Greyson,PhD.

If you take the time to watch just one, your life, your “reality”¬† as you know it today, will be changed forever, and the paradigm that you once subscribed to will evaporate like fog lifting under a hot sun.

  1. By The Emperor’s Command:
  2. Consciousness Independent from the Brain:
  3. BBC on Remembered Past Lives:
  4. Scientific Evidence for Reincarnation:
  5. Past Lives:
  6. The Boy Who Remembers His Past Life:

Enjoy the life beyond.

Peace and Blessings!

Sally Rice, your psychic in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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