Spirit News from Mama Ayahuasca

Spirit News After Visiting Mama Ayahuasca

In early January 2015, I pledged to fulfill a lifelong dream to travel to the Amazon and study with authentic Shamans to further my understanding of Spirit. I researched as many healing centers in Peru, and decided upon the Kapitari Retreat Center, under the direction of the Peruvian Shaman Don Lucio.

Kapitari is one of the oldest retreat centers in the Amazon, and fully owned and operated by Peruvians, as opposed to the numerous centers that are popping up in the wave of interest in spiritual growth practices.

Many of the ‘newer’ retreats are owned by foreigners who have little background in healing plants and shamanism. I wanted the Real Deal, and not some Hollywood look-alike. The Kapitari Retreat provided a safe haven for shamanistic studies, under the leadership of a true, life-long Peruvian shaman, Don Lucio.

It was a decision I am so happy I made, and it was even one of the less expensive retreats – no frills here, just deep spiritual study along the banks of the Amazon, deep in the Peruvian rainforest.

Here, in the following notes, I will share some of the insights that came from the ceremonies with Ayahuasca, and the messages received from Abuelita.

Spiritual Prayer for Daily Inspiration

 Are you in a state of transition, emotional upheaval, and experiencing enormous changes in your life? This is a beautiful, healing way to begin each day:

Today I choose to yield to the desires of my Higher Self, and shut down the tapes in my head that reflect any fear, worry or doubt.  I am open to a beautiful future, whatever that may be.

Today I will avail myself only to the influence of Spirit, and be accepting of whatever that entails. I choose to live this day experiencing feelings of Joy and Fulfillment. Today all my needs are met, and I allow myself to be at peace.

It is with this energy alone that I embrace whatever is in store for me. I will find happiness in the little things I encounter, and find love in the conversations I have with others.  I will focus not on what has happened to me, or what will happen to me tomorrow.

I will only focus on my reactions to all events living in the present moment, and I choose to react only with patience, love, and even detachment when necessary.

Today, nothing will bring me down.

Today is a perfect day.  I am open and available to whatever creative forces the universe wants to express through me. Today I yield to Spirit; the will of my Higher Self.  I feel fulfilled and safe.

And so it is.

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