Psychic Advice, Life is an Adventure: Choose Joy

As a Shaman myself, I crave inspirational wisdom from other Light Workers, so I search them out for guidance and spiritual integration. We are all different and need one another. As branches off the same tree, each of our perspectives is unique, and therefore equally divine. I’ve just been introduced to Shaman Durek via Instagram. Here are his inspirational words via one of his earlier posts. His message really resonates in the heart:

“Being a shaman means to live beyond the perception of society. To be a lover of all life. To remove the concept of duality and exist in a world of oneness. To never attach to anything, be liquid in the mind and emotions so as to attain more knowledge not yet seen. To preserve life, bridge the unseen world to the living. To uphold women.To draw new symbols, create new forms of magick, always remaining humble to the spirits and ancestors.
To guide men in correct thinking to become more emotionally intelligent. To assist children to create a container for the discovery of self and gifts. To walk into dark places where evil dwells, sickness and twisted souls live and bring them home to love.

To protect humans from the dark plague and lift them to see their own powers to become mighty. To sing new songs from the spirits and tell stories of courage to the tribe of women and men. To remain a friend to the hidden ones of nature. To laugh and hug people with pure love. To sample the poison and turn it to medicine. To pass on the knowledge to those who will listen and learn the old ways. To stand in the face adversity with open arms and denounce victim consciousness for humanity. To help people affirm that there is no such thing as gay or straight or bi and that labels do not define the spirit. We are becoming the 5 element. To demonstrate love over fear. To teach pleasure and extactly as a known accepted feeling. To dance for the rain for healing or to bring prosperity in ones life. To dream new dreams for evolution. To work on yourself constantly to be open to learn more to a better servant to life. To help the world see shamanism not only belonging to those of tribal ancestry. However belonging to everyone as a lifestyle choice. This is why I am here to serve you.”

And if that weren’t enough, these are the divine words of Reverend Michael Beckwith for today’s beautiful service at AGAPE SPIRITUAL CENTER:

Gratitude is the sincerest prayer of the heart, arising from a recognition of the precious human incarnation each of us has been given. We then walk through life in humble awe of the realization that Spirit inseparably, purposely individualized itself as “me.” Is there a more ultimate gift than to know, deep in our beingness, that we are made of God-stuff, that we have been equipped with all that we need to come into full realization of our oneness with pure Spirit?

Have a glorious week Light Beings, and contact me today to schedule a psychic reading.

Peace and Blessings,
Sally Rice

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