Reincarnation, Consciousness, and Ego: When we die, what do we take with us and what do we leave behind?

There is much confusion over the nature of the human condition and the evolution of the Spirit. When we consider life after death, specifically regarding Consciousness, it’s very easily misunderstood. What are the qualities of consciousness and what is its relationship to Ego? As a psychic medium, connecting to a spirit entity across the veil – someone who once had a human incarnation on planet earth but who is now in Spirit body – the energetic information the entity provides still comes across with elements of their humanity.

Even though the spirit no longer exists here in the human form, it often presents itself to the psychic medium and seer with the human qualities or personality traits it once possessed while in the earthly incarnation.

So the question becomes: If we leave behind our earthly (physical) being, and our Ego, what is it then that the individual Soul who has crossed over brings with it to the other side?

During a mediumship reading, Spirit entities regularly present themselves to the medium with qualities and characteristics that are unmistakably human, and recognizable to the sitter, (those who are engaged with the psychic medium in order to connect with loved ones). Is it Ego that they are resurrecting and reflecting? Or, is the energetic force a reflection of the Spirit’s current consciousness?

That is the question, and here’s an easy way to understand reincarnation, and the soul’s evolution:

Think of the seed of an apple tree. The information contained in the seed of the apple is divinely coded with all the information needed to evolve to become the tree. The same as an acorn that becomes an oak, or the rosebud that is destined to open its petals to become the beautiful flower. All of that information is coded within all species by Divine design to know what it is to become, and there’s nothing to do about that!

So, when you think of a soul’s transformation, and what you take with you from this lifetime – this incarnation into the next – it’s the same as everything around us in nature. We are no different, we humans, although our ego suggests otherwise. The apple seed is destined and coded to evolve to a trunk, then producing branches, leaves, and eventually producing the fruit. All of those elemental stages of the evolution are all part of the apple. But if you look at each element separately: the seed, the trunk, the branches and the apple itself, they are all different from one another, yet the same. They are all coded with the same information, the same DNA so to speak. Yet, to look at the reincarnation of a seed to a trunk, the body of the “apple spirit” appears dramatically different in each stage of its evolution.

Think of your lifetime, and what you will take with you to the next level of the evolution of your soul as being like a phase in the development of the birthing of the apple seed to the tree which then births the fruit. The fruit is destined to ripen to maturity. If left on its own, the fruit eventually falls off the tree, decomposes, and dies. But divine coding allows the apple seeds contained within the decomposed fruit to rebirth and become a tree again, and again, and again. The cycle continues.

Divine Human Souls, We Are No Different From The Apple Seed.

The answer to the original question: What do we bring with us to the other side? You bring your coding, you bring your true essence, you bring what You are, and who You are, the Divine Spirit that You are, and have been since the beginning of time. And, it is like everything else in nature, locked into a cycle of re-birthing, evolving then decomposing, then re-birthing again and again.

We are no different from all nature’s evolutions. We are born, we evolve, die, then are birthed again, always encoded with the soul’s DNA that allows us to reincarnate over and over, yet in different forms – just as the seed is different from the trunk, leaves, and fruit. Every stage of evolution incorporates the same coding which directs the evolution of the species. It is no different from an acorn, or a rose, or the beautiful caterpillar whose metamorphosis is so spectacular transitioning to the butterfly: Different, and yet the same.

You are that fruit. You possess the same evolutionary and transformative coding allowing you to move from human form to the various stages of your soul’s evolution in all its forms. You are also coded with your own genius, your own remarkable qualities, just like everything in nature.

You are Nature at Work.

You are a part of Nature, and You are the Fruit!

Therefore, when a psychic medium connects with a loved one across the veil, to the afterlife, to the soul’s source, the psychic can pick up on the essence of that being, like the essence of the fruit. The Spirit entity that is communicating with the psychic medium may present qualities of whom he or she was during that incarnation, but it is not what the Spirit has become, nor what it is in the current cosmic form.

For example: If Grandpa’s Spirit comes through in a reading, he might present earthly qualities such as, I was a fast talker, I worked with my hands, I had diabetes, or I didn’t get along with my sister. Whatever details are presented to allow the sitter to identify the individual is only for that purpose: Identification.

This is known as Evidential Mediumship.

The transitioned Spirit uses abandoned human qualities it possessed in human form to identify itself to the loved one left behind. It does not mean the Spirit possesses these qualities any longer, because it has evolved and reincarnated into another version of itself, in a different form. Just as the apple seed has no similar qualities to the trunk, or the branches, yet it is still the same “entity.”

The Spirit that was once “Grandpa” reveals aspects of his human qualities for connection and identification purposes only. They have left behind the physical ego driven body and are no longer that, just as the seed is not the branch, yet it is.

Grandpa has abandoned all of his egocentric nature. He is no longer that. Like a snake shedding its skin, the spirit leaves behind all ego, all negative imprinting, all illness and hardship, for these qualities belong to the earthly plane. In essence, the human qualities do not accompany the soul in transition. Only Divine Consciousness reincarnates.

And what is consciousness? Consciousness is like the coding in the apple seed, that carries on and on, yet whose form changes dramatically according to the stage of its evolution.
And consciousness, which resides in the heart, not the head, is perfect in every way. Flawless, and divine in nature. It possesses only the true essence of the soul, in its own stage of eternal evolution.

What Do We Leave Behind When We Die? We Abandon Our Ego.

Whereas Consciousness resides in the heart, the Ego resides in the mind, in our brain. We have a brain, but we are not our brain. Just as we have lungs, we are not our lungs. Our lungs are designed perfectly to breathe in air, when healthy. Likewise, our brains are designed to make thoughts, good ones and bad ones, but that is not who we are – we are not our thoughts, but our minds make them.

Ego then is like a computer program. From the moment we take our first breath in this incarnation, our brains begin recording information. We record our experiences from our families, our environment, and everything around us. But we are not those things. They become ideas, memories, and provide us with an illusion of reality based on our earthly experience. Even the voices of our teachers in school over the years become memories that are stored in our brains. If we had an insulting teacher, then perhaps our self-esteem may be affected.

When we die, say “good-bye” to the Ego!

Perhaps we experienced hateful parents, or illness during our life. That memory is recorded in our brains, producing our belief system which then defines our Ego. Therefore, we have a mind, but we are definitely not our mind. We have an ego based ‘idea’ of ourselves based on our computer brain’s recordings, but we are not that. And when we take our last breath in this incarnation, we leave behind all that muck and mire, we abandon our egocentric self, just as the snake sheds its skin.

All the soul knows is its divine essence, and the closest understanding of what that soul awareness is…. is Love. Consciousness is your soul’s loving code, and it is perfect in nature, and it belongs to you alone.

There is only one You, and you are encoded with genius and perfection, just as nature is divinely perfect, all knowing and ever-

present. We humans are no different, we are all entwined in the natural process just like plants and animals. We are all One in the evolution of Energy and Form. All that is left behind in a soul’s departure from the human condition, is ego.

And remember, despite conflicting reports, Ego resides in the head, while Consciousness resides in the heart. The ego is flawed, and contains all that does not serve our soul. Whereas, consciousness is flawless, and divine in nature. The ego contains all of our problems, mishaps, and misunderstandings of how the divine operates. But the soul, the true essence of your consciousness is that which is connected to the divine code of perfect evolution of the true You. Consciousness is all that which is your source energy, just as the source energy of the apple seed is that which propels it to evolve into a tree to then bare fruit, perfect in design and execution of its evolution and destiny.

And there is a unique, one of a kind component to all souls, and spirit has shown us this through our fingerprints, our eyes, and our DNA. You are unique and divine in every way, and flawless, as is Nature.

In evidential mediumship, Grandpa shares information from the human experience only to connect. The medium picks up on these qualities of humanity, but Grandpa’s spirit is not longer that.

Therefore, evidential mediumship and the ability to communicate with spirit entities on the other side of the veil is based on the ability to recognize those core elements and qualities that belonged to the ego of the human before transitioning. Consciousness displayed for the sitter would not be recognized by the sitter, because on the earthly plane, we connect with one another via ego. Our consciousness is forever divine and perfect in nature. Neither illness, nor sadness, regret or any other human quality – besides Love, is contained in our consciousness. That’s why spirit entities use human qualities to display themselves in order to be recognized. This is how the spirit lets you know that you have indeed connected to the true consciousness of your loved one on the other side.

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