Life After Death

Do Demons Exist?

Most everyone has their own opinions about whether demons are real, or not.  Literally every culture throughout history has made reference in one way or another  to these dark, supernatural, scary beings. But are they real? Do demons really exist?

According to a recent US poll, 45% of the population believes in demons and ghosts.  That’s a lot considering it doesn’t include the percentage of people who are on the fence, with “undecided” answers.

How to Connect to Your Guardian Angels

Have you ever experienced anything ‘supernatural’? Do you believe in Spirits? Have you connected to your personal team yet? If not, would you like to know how to connect to Your guardian angels? Wonderful decision! You came to the right place. There’s a lot of information here at to quench your thirst for knowledge …

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Understanding Grieving from a Broken Heart

clouds grieving

No matter who you are, the day will come in this lifetime when you will experience severe grieving following the loss of a loved one. Whether a spouse or close relative, a beloved pet or a lifelong friend, some day you will be stricken with a broken heart. It’s part of Earth School. Understanding the …

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