How to Connect to Your Guardian Angels

Have you ever experienced anything ‘supernatural’? Do you believe in Spirits? Have you connected to your personal team yet? If not, would you like to know how to connect to Your guardian angels?

Wonderful decision! You came to the right place. There’s a lot of information here at to quench your thirst for knowledge about eternal life, reincarnation, and the evolution of your soul. Hang out for awhile and surf the site. I hope you enjoy what you discover.

In the meantime, let’s review some basic facts on Spirit Guides:

Each one of us has a primary Spirit Guide who is with us from the moment of our birth in this incarnation, and who stays with us every minute of our life, even helping us cross over when it’s time to leave this dimension. Beyond our main guardian angel, people often have a team of spirit guides, comprised of both ancestors from this realm who have crossed over, and ethereal beings who don’t incarnate here on Earth, but who are living in other dimensions yet helping the individual in this 3D world.

Some people connect easily to their guides. Others do not. In a moment I will go over how to connect but first understand this: Even if you don’t hear your guides speak to you, they are there surrounding you, helping you, and guiding you through thick and thin.  This I promise. I don’t believe this to be true – I know it is so – from the bottom of my heart. I’ve seen it. I’ve witnessed it in others.  Spirits have presented themselves to me throughout my entire life and I am grounded in this truth and profound knowledge.

All the world’s a stage, 
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…
                                                                           William Shakespeare, from As You Like It

Life is like the Theater. You are the actor on the stage, living out your life as you designed it before you incarnated.  And you wrote the script. You’re the author, the director, and the actor. The big things in life were etched in stone before you became who you are in this incarnation: Your gender; the family you were born into; who you will marry; how many children you will have and your divine life purpose is already decided upon by You! Like I said, you are the author of this play! So Shakespeare, make it a good story! Live large.

Live fearlessly. This is your moment in the spotlight, so make it worthwhile and take chances and risks.

Why not, life is worth living to the fullest! Don’t worry about who’s watching y0u. Other people are not looking at you because they’re fixated on their own lives, but your spirit guides are hyper-focused on You so give them something big to look at!

How Do Spirits Intervene In Our Lives?

If the world is a stage, and you are the actor, and writer of this drama, then your spirit guides are the audience, watching the show!  Yes, it works like that. Your spirit guides watch you, like the audience in the theater watches a performance, which is You and Your Life! Your spirit team will not interfere with the big issues, your contract for example. But they can help you negotiate the path as you travel down destiny’s road.

Spirits can help you with the decisions you make along the way, which can affect your destiny. Let me stress, your decisions in life (with or without the help of your guides) can affect your destiny. But even bad decisions cannot change your destiny. You can speed life up, or slow it down, but you can’t stop what is meant (destined) to happen. In other words, you can’t ruin your life; it’s precious, and perfectly designed, just like you.

Your spirit guides are not likely to interfere in your life without an invitation. If you want their help, it’s important to speak directly to them, or to your one personal guardian angel, and ask him/her for specific intervention. You can vocalize it out loud, and at the same time pray for it in your heart: “Spirit please help me find a way to…..” or, “Spirit, please communicate this message to my loved one,” for example.  If you want an ancestor to help you, then call them out loud by name, and address the ancestor as if they were standing right in front of you, because chances are, they’re right there as you speak. Believe it. Know it. Feel it.

By speaking out loud to your guides and ancestors, you actually call them from their seat in the audience, watching your performance, to the stage where they can interact with you directly.  This is the best way to get your spirit team activated and intervening in your life.

There are exceptions to this audience/performer dynamic. Your spirit guide will often, (I might even go so far as to say always) interfere when you are about to have an accident, or create an accident that could harm you or another. While you can’t change destiny, you can avert accidents waiting to happen that aren’t part of your destiny calendar.  Let me site an example:

One day I was driving my motorcycle through the deep jungle, along a dirt road in Costa Rica. It had just rained, and the road was muddy and very slippery. As I came to the crest of a hill and began my descent, I specifically heard my spirit guide speak into my right ear: “Look out, you’re about to go down!” About 5 seconds later I hit a patch of mud and my bike spun out, throwing me through the air and crashing onto the side of the road.

Thankfully there was a couple in a car approaching, and they were able to stop and help me.  My arm and leg were messed up pretty bad but nothing was broken. Since my guide had given me the heads up, I was prepared for the fall someway, and so I didn’t panic.  I had been warned, and I was ready for the crash.  This kind of Guardian Angel intervention has happened 3 times in my life. In each case, major damage and even death was averted.

There Are Different Kinds of Spirit Guides

Connect to Your Spirit Guides in Meditation

Before each psychic medium session, I discuss with my client the different kinds of spirits I might encounter in the reading. Like Nature, the spirit world is full of all sorts of species. Some spirits are ancestors; family members you know and those you never met may show up in the session. Maybe Aunt Peggy will show up, who may show us events from your life with her. Or, perhaps an ancestor from another generation will show me a picture of what they looked like and what they did for a living. There will always be a message to deliver. Spirits just don’t show up with nothing to say. Spirits have an agenda, and they usually don’t give up until the message has been delivered.  Human spirits act like humans, and they generally present themselves with the personality they carried in the incarnation you recognize.

Other spirits that have not incarnated tend to show up as colored fog, often in tones of pink, gold, or violet. The colors can be more or less intense, and their shapes can be human form or formless, literally like fog passing by. Spirits who have not incarnated, and who are acting as guardian angels specifically, actually sound different than an ancestor. Their voices come from another place, beyond the dimension where the ancestors call from. These colorful energies sound like they are speaking through a tunnel from far away. There is a bit of an echo, or vibration in the sound, and their voices are androgynous, whereas earthly ancestors sound male or female and sound like they are close by, still within this dimension.

Then there are nature spirits, animal spirits, and the Spirits of the Elements! Elemental Spirits: Wind, Water, Fire and Air energy are all so powerful I cannot begin to address them in this article. This requires understanding the concept of the eternal nothingness and the true nature of infinity – what the shamans throughout time have referred to as Sumaj K’uychi.

Know this: The world we live in, the physical 3D reality, is made up of only 4.9% of matter. The rest of the space, (what scientists call  Dark Matter, or the Higgs Field, or the Vacuum) represents 95.1% of vibrant energy that is absolutely pulsating with life. That’s where psychics, shamans and mystics go when we journey. This is where we connect to Spirit. It’s everywhere around us, inside and outside of us. We are literally swimming in the juices of Spirit. Once you fully understand this concept of reality, and open your own dialogue with your spirit team, I promise you will get answers.

Peace Out People!

Love and Light from Agape Costa Rica!



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