Reincarnation – Personal Stories

This video is about Reincarnation – personal stories from psychic medium Sally Rice. Afterwards,  check out the documentaries available here to learn about the scientific research done on this important fact of life.

In this video, Sally Rice shares two personal stories of past lives she remembers. One lifetime spent in Cusco, Peru, and another lifetime in Barcelona, Spain. Sally explains how she connected with Spirit. She shares the memories she had living as a mother of three children who suffered a terrible tragedy in Peru. Then she explains how she was introduced to her past life as a wealthy politician in Spain, and how the physical expression of the man she once was manifested to her during a cab ride.

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  1. Hi, I’ve been a Christian spiritualist now for about 20 years or so. I’m a strong believer in spirit and was told by a beautiful elderly lady named Edna, some years ago that I myself had a gift and that if I meditated and relaxed she was sure I would be able to connect with spirit myself. She set me up with a lovely group of people “a circle ” and askedme to join them once a week to help me learn to tune in as such. I went for about 6 months and loved it, however due to personal circumstances I had to back out. However, after get ng married in 2005 and moving into our new home I feel l ke I am constantly being watched, not in a bad way as such but nonethless, there has been tmessage I have felt almostoverwhelmed by this ,as if there is definitely more than one spirit here. Neighbours have told me about the high turnover of people that have lived here before me and how those that hsventmoved out have died. Indeed I have done some checking on these facts and they are right, the lastlady thatlived here was a paediatric bone surgeon who died of cancer aged 53!!! Anyway, long story short now I’ve given you the background, my husband is a photographer by trade and was a sceptic. Until a few hrs back when he was taking some photos in our living room and went white. He said when he was focussing in on me I was indeed surrounded by colourful orbs. This was before he took the pic and since then we haven’t been able to take a pic in our livingroom without capturing an orb or two or six sometimes. I have also proven to my husband that if I talk to spirit first and ask them to show themselves we always get a much more intense pic of the orbs. I have seen some photos on television of orbs thatpeople have captured but they are nowhere near as bright or as clear and sometsometimes as colourful as our photos. Somebody suggested thatour livingroom could be a portal or some kind ofmeetplace for spirit. I know to many this will sound silly butit true. I also think the house affects our moods and I have to admit that it has been one bad thing aft another for us here. Do you think it’s possible that a house can carry memories or thatit could be some kind of portal? I always believed that spirit were attached to you, meaning us, but can spirit be in a property, I’m sorry I’m not explaining tis very well but i you have an opinion or need any more information to help me work this out please do letme know. It’s got that bad of late that we are considering leaving our home. Just down to the constant and luck and health myself and partner are suffering here.

    1. Hello Dear Hazel,
      Absolutely! Yes to all your questions. I want to address each issue here but it would be better for me to make a video, because it’s complicated and it would take a long time to explain.
      Basically, there are two main spirit energies here: Trapped energy stuck, (exactly like an echo can reverberate a voice, but it is not the voice itself), and the actual spirit expressing itself through a type of portal.
      I believe you have a mixture of both, but fear not! Spirit is Divine. I would love to help you if you’d like a session. I have had too many similar experiences to mention here, but I can definitely help you with this. Its a wonderful opportunity for you to expand your connection….or clear the energies – whatever you choose.
      Love and Light,

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