What is a Psychic?

During this global crisis, you may have considered reaching out to a psychic for insight. But, what is a psychic, and how can you find a professional psychic you can trust during CV19?


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What is a Psychic?

Quick answer. Quora answer: A psychic is someone who can see beyond linear space time as it is currently represented in the 3D dimension. A good one, a professional one, sees beyond this dimension. A psychic can see events in the past, in the present, and the future.

But just because someone has psychic abilities, that doesn’t mean they have the authority, or license, or right to direct anyone on their life choices.

Only You and Spirit God are privy to your divine soul contract.

One thing that drives me crazy, is when I hear “Oh, well a psychic told me who I was going to marry..” Or “A psychic said that I was going to have three children.”

That’s just absolute hogwash. It’s fascist, like a dictator ordering you to follow a declaration, and it’s not even remotely according to the laws of the universe.

Why? Because no one should ever dictate how to live your life, or whom you will marry. Any psychic who tells you who you are going to marry is directly interfering with your Free Will. And, while there are specific events a psychic can see on your earth school journey, you always have free will regarding how you respond to these important events.

A professional psychic will likely say something more sensitive, and unobtrusive, such as: “I see an intense relationship on your horizon, with a person whom you may consider as a potential life partner.” Or, “I see multiple child energies around you. I feel motherhood energy in your immediate future.” This is a much more accurate and responsible prediction that allows the individual to express full free will regarding all life events. Maybe that person doesn’t even want children, or what if their soul contract involves losing the child in a miscarriage. It is not the role of a psychic to tell you how to live your life.

You are set.

What is in place, the magic, the rules of the universe, what you must be governed by, are the big pillar points of your destiny according to your soul contract:
Where you are born, what big milestones you choose to experience in this human incarnation, as you name yourself (whatever that might be) And, if you are going to experience famine, disease, or a car accident…..

Whatever the challenge you sign up for to study in Earth School, you’re here to treat it kind of like a ride at Disneyland. You must experience this dimension as impermanent. We’re here to experience this dream life. You are literally here in a dream state. So when tragedy and challenges appear in Earth School, you will realize and be caught up in the higher vibrational frequency of knowing that, ahh… breathe deep… I am in a dream, and I have total choice of how I respond to this event because it isn’t really the full, true story. I am simply in a chapter of a person who has incarnated and, like a ray of sunshine, I am shining my energy from Spirit, God, the sun, and therefore I am a part of that, but I am so much more.

But just remember, you wrote this story. You are now pealing back all of the layers of the onion, all of the masks that you have worn up to this point in your incarnation as “so and so.” And now you are now free to respond in a magical way.

This crisis is global, and surreal.

You can either make it a magical mystery tour of revelation and transformation, based on a new paradigm and reality we are creating. Or, you can feel, and focus on the destruction – the tearing down, the dismantlement and the corruption. It’s up to you. And then, you choose where you want to put your energy. And, how  you want to activate your skill set, using the tools in your tool box that you came with when you incarnated here.  And now you get to apply your skills to this new global experience.  I actually witnessed this event in the hieroglyphics of the pyramid of Giza, 43 years ago, when I was only 20 years old.

So let’s return to the original question:

What is a psychic? A psychic is a person who can see beyond the linear time of past present and future as it is in the 3d world dimension, but it’s just something someone can do, like carrying a tune.

But being psychic by no means dictates their understanding of your soul contract, and it doesn’t even make them a spiritual person. because that is divinely personal, just between you and Spirit God.

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