How To Stay Positive During the Apocalypse

Hello Creative Beings of Light,

How do we stay positive emotionally and mentally while expanding our awareness during the Apocalypse?

The Apocalypse. What does that word mean? According to, it means “revelation, disclosure, uncover, reveal.” Isn’t that exactly what is going on throughout the world right now? The long established global paradigm is breaking down, much like the cocoon deconstructs to release the magical butterfly. And while we are in the thick of the decomposition, our mind’s eye is fixed on the Revelation of what can be, what magic can occur, as we release the old and unfold into a glorious new paradigm based on Oneness.

The English occultist Alester Crowley stated: “Magic is the art and science of causing change to happen in accordance with one’s will.”

Never has it been more important to focus our thoughts and visions on what we want to bring forth into manifestation while diligently deleting any thoughts of fear, worry or doubt that pass through our brain-scape.

This could be as simple as eliminating red meat from your diet, or as challenging as saying good-bye to a toxic relationship or reforming social and cultural ideologies that are not in alignment with the spiritual concepts of Oneness.

Whatever you are experiencing in this current physical realm since the world went Covid, know that the transformation occurring in your Mind, Body and Spirit is equally if not more revolutionary, all enhancing your divine soul’s metamorphosis as you evolve into the proverbial butterfly.

While we marinate in quarantine, here are some inspiring tools to help ease the frustrations of change while we remain focused on what’s real:

1) Enlightenment:

Documentary. How can we overcome our fears? How do we reconnect with our intuition? What is the power and magic of using your intention?

2) Brain Candy: 

Keeping it light and joyful. The 2019 society and culture winner of the Podcast Awards. The Brain Candy is Candy for Your Left Brain and Your Right Brain. PhD Susie Meister and AMFT Sarah Rice (my beloved daughter) discuss what gets their wheels turning in the world of pop culture, literature, science and psychology.

3) NDE – Wisdom From Beyond.

This profound documentary delves deeply into the Near-Death Experience, drawing on extraordinary wisdom from unwitting experiencers that have revealed a story of our existence on Earth that is both beautifully complex and breathtakingly simplistic.

There you go Love Creators! I hope you get a chance to enjoy these resources while we unfold our wings and learn to fly.

And, I’m here if you need guidance from your Spirit team. They’re always right next to you!



Peace and Blessings from Agape Costa Rica,



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