Will I Ever Find True Love?

 Valentines Day Blues?  You’re Not Alone!

If you are struggling to find a “forever” partner and wondering: “Will I Ever Find True Love?” then you might find this hallmark day annoying, to say the least!

In my work as a psychic medium, February (by default) generates outcries from people around the world who want answers about romance and marriage.  In desperate situations, numerous clients even demand an exact date of when their “true love” will show up.

Sadly, this sort of detailed information is not attainable from the Spirit realm. Neither are lottery numbers.  Any psychic medium who claims to know precisely when your soul mate will arrive is not telling you the truth.  A professional psychic can see windows of potential and availability for love to present itself on your life path. A good one can even provide evidential information such as a geographical area, or certain physical characteristics.  But ultimately, it is your Free Will that allows you to experience love. And that is unpredictable.

Ultimately, how You experience and receive Love is 100%  up to You!

But that doesn’t mean you are free of your soul contract! You will have Divine Relationships within your soul tribe during each incarnation whether you like it or not. You can’t make a mistake and “miss out” on finding your soul contracted relationships. That is etched in stone. However,  how you respond, and execute those relationships is entirely up to You. That’s the difference between a soul contract and free will.

It is completely up to the individual as to whether true love actually manifests or not.  Again, a good psychic will be able to see if you are ‘ready’ for love, and ‘available’ emotionally, but it is ultimately up to each person to allow the experience to unfold.

Psychics serve to offer guidance along the highway of Love…”watch out for that curve, there may be resistance here, or there,” so to speak. A psychic cannot tell you the day you will fall in love, nor the exact individual who is to be your partner in this incarnation. A good psychic can identify people along your life path that influence you, but a professional will never say “that person is your lifelong partner.” (If they do, then please report them to the authority of your choice).

This is not only an invasion of your Free Will, it is a statement that defies the Dance of Life, and that dance is unique to all sentient beings. It is as unique as your fingerprint, and the iris of your eye…which truly is the window of your Soul.  Ultimately, we all have free will to experience Love however we envision it. And that’s awesome!

 Earth School is About Challenges and Struggles; Accept That Truth and You are Free

Your partner now may be a twin flame, a soul mate, or a soul tribe member whose job in this incarnation is nothing close to what you think it should be or even is! Let’s be clear on that.  Your relationship might be full of holes and tragedies.

So what!  Well done!  You have lived large in this incarnation.  Just remember this most critical point: The major relationships in your life (parents, siblings, lovers, children) were designed by You before You incarnated! This is your dramatic tome, and you are the actor on the stage literally living out your dream story.

“Why do I keep ending up with the wrong person?”  Welcome to your story!

Consider this:  In this tiny earth-bound incarnation,  you are not privy to your soul contract.  So it’s useless to get mad at your partner or any other earth being for any wrongdoing they might have done to you, just because you don’t understand the moral of the story. Your Higher Self created this situation in your life story to fulfill a part of the contract that facilitates the evolution of your Soul. You created the conflict and the life experience so your soul could advance and grow to know that experience. It’s easy as pie.

Soul mates do exist and true love is attainable.

Destiny does exist – especially where LOVE is concerned.  Ultimately, your “soul contract” dictates in a big way how your life unfolds. I don’t want to burst the bubble of those who think this experience in Earth School is totally random, and chaotic.

It is so not that! Random? Are you kidding me? Absolutely not! There is so much order to this Universe, and the chaos is divinely perfect.

Bottom line: You will experience “LOVE” in this lifetime in Earth School, according to your contract established before you incarnated here. There is nothing to do. There is no action you can take or not take that will lead you towards or away from your divine story, your destiny.

People Desperately Want to Find Love

While everyone innately desires love, women by far suffer more than men when they are single. Western culture dictates a moral standard about being single or married. The proverbial ‘Eternal Bachelor’ is no insult at all for men, while ‘Old Maid’ is a hideous expression of an unmarried female. Thank goodness society is evolving.

Once economic equality between the sexes is fully achieved, many more women will feel fulfilled by their life choices and careers rather than by their marital status.  Letting go of  antiquated concepts of social worth will allow more women to find emotional well-being and self-love while choosing to be an ‘Eternal Bachelorette’. But women still have a long way to go. By far, 99% of calls from clients distressed about love are from women. Men’s primary concerns relate to career and life choices as opposed to romance.

One client in particular asks me the same question every session: “When will I find my true love?” While I would love to give a specific date and time as to when her true love will appear, it is absolutely impossible to predict. This question puts any psychic in a difficult situation. And if they are unethical, chances are they will throw out some random date in the future just to appease their client. But that serves only to give false hope. Moreover, that’s not how the magic works.

What a good psychic can do is tell if your emotional body is healthy enough to receive love, or deny it. In the case of this client, her emotional needs and underlying depression and victimization about past relationships will stop any potential love relationship to grow because she is stuck in the vibrational frequency of lack and limitation.

Your attitude about love is critically important, if love is going to show up in your life.

You want to (and need to) be free of the shackles that bind you emotionally. This includes emotional self-destructive messages such as: “My last partner betrayed me. My last partner didn’t really love me. I’m afraid of getting hurt again. I don’t want to repeat my last love mistakes.” These thoughts and emotions are impervious  to cupid’s arrow. This is an energetic road block.

All of these inner guidance messages are toxic to finding new love and create a dead end for finding true love.  What we want to do is embrace wholeheartedly the idea of love, and then throw ourselves out there without expectations or attachments to the outcome of romance, however it shows up. If you really don’t care about whether love shows up or not, and your head and heart are in alignment about life being wonderful whether you are in a relationship or not, then you are ripe and ready for romance to re-enter your field of awareness. The ’emotional body’ is fertile for love to germinate.

But who cares about all the advice everyone has out there for single people in search of love? Often times it’s the lucky couple that offers unhelpful advice: “Oh, just be patient, your true love will show up when you least expect it. There’s someone out there for everyone.”

While that advice may seem helpful, it’s not only inaccurate, it doesn’t make the person who is single feel any better, at all. Some people will never find love from a single partner. Many people in the world go through life and never fall in love in the romantic sense. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are Many Ways to Experience True Love

The love we experience through our passions in life, the love we feel for our beloved pets, our best friends, and our connection with God, in Spirit, are all deeply fulfilling and nurture our souls just as much as a live-in partner. Romantic love is great – if you find it! But of course romantic love is not the only expression of love. Nor does romantic love necessarily vibrate at the highest frequency on the love scale. But you can absolutely experience romantic love if you know how to nurture it inside of You. This can happen regardless of what kind of relationship you are in, or not in. You can literally fall in love with yourself, and this happens automatically when you live your life authentically, according to your standards, morals, and always choosing joy.

Avoid toxic people and surround yourself with people you admire. Spend your time pursuing your dreams and not the dreams others have for you. Do what you love and choose a job that matches your idea of joy. Don’t let thoughts of fear, worry or doubt clutter your brain. Make sure your mind is listening to your heart, and not the other way around. When you allow your heart to rule, and your thoughtful mind is in alignment with your loving heart, you will automatically generate self-love. And that is a divinely romantic relationship – the best ever.

On This Valentines Day, tell someone very special that you love them!  You!

Love yourself first. You can’t love someone else in a healthy way if you don’t love yourself first. Be fully You as you express your joy, your emotions, your verve for life and your beautiful life story.  Share the best parts of you with the world, fearlessly.




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