Life After Corona – How to Boost Your Immune System

The world has changed overnight and now we are dealing with the Corona virus. Speaking from Tamarindo, Costa Rica, psychic medium Sally Rice shares the top three natural products she uses for boosting her own immune system. As a shamanic healer, Sally has spent years studying natural healing techniques she learned in the Amazon – both in Peru and Ecuador. Sally shares easy ways to boost your immune system while we all remain in quarantine.

“We shot this video from our location in isolation in Tamarindo in early March. Our immediate community here has been in government ordered quarantine since March 14, and so we know we are all healthy as we passed the critical two week marker. We continue to remain isolated from others and respect social distancing but now no one even goes outside our building complex.

Top Three Natural Nutrients to Boost Your Immune System:

In a crisis I advise these top three supplements:

1) Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano

Nature’s great antibiotic.

2) Colloidal Silver – liquid or spray form

Nature’s great antibiotic

3) Turmeric

Recommended as the number one most important natural healing medicine among all others in the Amazon. Bar none.

Keep your diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Get lots of sunshine whenever possible, and keep a good positive attitude. Don’t forget, fear left unchecked can literally make you sick and weaken your immune system. So keep your thoughts in check. Keep them Positive, clean and pure like a crystal clear pond of light energy surrounding you.”
– sally

DISCLAIMER: Sally is sharing her own personal opinions in this video. Sally has no medical training. Do your own research before consuming any product. Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients before consuming any health supplement.

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