Consciousness VS the Mind

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When you are fully awakened, your Consciousness rules your mind, not your brain and its silly chatter.  You learn to monitor your thoughts and keep fear, worry and doubt at bay.

You are a spiritual being inhabiting a physical body for a microsecond in the timeline of your beautiful, divine soul. You have a mind, but you are not your mind.

The challenge of this human incarnation is to develop an awareness of your Consciousness, and what is your mind, and to know the difference. If you can become fully awake, then you will live and reside in your consciousness, and not pay attention to the chatter of your mind and the unnecessary thoughts that regularly pass through your brain.

Dr. Eben Alexander – the neurosurgeon who experienced death and then came back to write the book Proof of Heaven – gives a speech that addresses this process: How to define and understand Consciousness, and how it is the source of your Soul, not your Mind.

You will Love this profound lecture, check it out:

Here is the link to Proof of Heaven:


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