Surviving the Apocalypse With Hope

Surviving the Apocalypse means consciously visualizing a new paradigm where Oneness is the common thread governing all humanity.  It is imperative that we move forward  holding a mental landscape that is free of fear. After all, Apocalypse ultimately means change.  I especially like this definition of Apocalypse from the Webster dictionary: “the expectation of an imminent cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil….”

These are dramatic and traumatic times for people all over the world. As the old paradigm of separateness and reductive materialism collapses, we are in a great state of global transformation. We are indeed opening up to a new awareness of Oneness and unity among all peoples of the planet, but first we need the old ways to crumble, and fall apart. Imagine the stress of the caterpillar whose cocoon must disintegrate in order to release the butterfly. What appears to be one death is actually a beautiful and astounding re-birth of a new paradigm where all humanity will emerge as one family, understanding that we are all part of the same cosmic universal consciousness.

If you enjoy Ted Talks, this series of videos 1-6 will take you on a 20 min journey on how to survive these trying times. Psychic medium Sally Rice shares shamanic wisdom and spiritual techniques to raise your vibration during this global transformation:


You can easily scroll beyond the intros for each segment.

Enjoy the Shift, Good Times Await Us All…

If video does not progress to PART II, click here:

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