The Meaning of Life Revealed in a Broken Hanger

Living in the Blue Zone of Costa Rica, every day is an adventure.

But even in paradise, the ups and downs of the human condition can be challenging – tongue in cheek!

It started with the frustration of trying to find a clothes hanger for my skirt. I had just returned from a hike in the jungle where I got caught in a torrential downpour, and my clothes were soaking wet. I rummaged through my closet looking for a hanger.  No luck, couldn’t find one anywhere.  After an increasingly annoying search, I finally found one buried in the laundry room.  When I anxiously fumbled with the skirt trying to put it on the hanger, the hanger broke.

Immediately I was catapulted into a cosmic mind game/choice of how to deal with the situation.

Definitely annoyed, my brain was firing slings and arrows.

Reaction choices at hand:  I could either fixate on the frustration – perhaps justified because I had broken the last free hanger in my closet, or I could look at the hanger metaphorically: Understanding instead, that I was being made aware of the impermanence, the temporary state of everything.  The fact that 100% of everything in this physical plane is always in a state of deteriorating and breaking down.

Eventually everything will break. Eventually everything will fail.

If it has physical form, it will go away. It will die. That is  the nature of things. That is the law of the Universe.

Suddenly in a dream state of wonder and awe,  I took a moment to reflect. I looked at the broken hanger in my hand, and my damp skirt waiting to dry from the jungle rains in Costa Rica, and it made me contemplate death and resurrection……transition and transformation.

There was my skirt, and the broken hanger.  And instantly I was propelled into the awareness of the infinite, and the silliness of my attachment to the physical plane. And more importantly, the absurdity of any frustration one might feel or experience about the ultimate decay of any physical item whatever it may be. Contemplating the eternal state of atrophy naturally leads to the opposite:  The awareness of rebirth, and re-construction.

I was awakened into the understanding of the Eternal Life Force surrounding us all, and the complexity of that.

Allowing my brain to dance in wonder, I began to contemplate army ants moving gigantic leaves, as I had witnessed this morning, on my walk along the beach.  And how miraculous that was. . .how ants can manage to move items thousands of times their weight. There were mysteries and miracles of life everywhere.

Then I felt settled, settled deep down into a Knowing of the profound stillness, the profundity of life and the beautiful execution of “God’ness”  (if that could be a word, an adjective to express the Divine Force that is everywhere).

I sat for several minutes holding the damp skirt and the broken hanger thinking about the eternal force that governs every thing. The breaking down, and re-creating.  Slowly and yet suddenly a profound sense of peace settled deep within my being.

My heart swelled in the Knowing that true bliss happens when we can harness our brain and take charge of our reactions and responses to anything that crosses our path in Earth School.

That means reacting with our Heart’s intelligence, the seat of our divine consciousness. My Higher Self reminded my Lower Self: “Lead with your heart. Always lead with your heart.”


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Peace and Blessings from the Blue Zone!

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