Update from the Blue Zone of Costa Rica

Each Sunday and Wednesday, from my casa in the jungle of Costa Rica, I attend the services  of the Agape Spiritual Center led by Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, offered via satellite through the online Live Streaming option.

The weekly messages provide such peace and uplifting joy, often I find myself craving for more. Thankfully, Agape provides Streaming Archives to celebrate life with this loving community that we can access 24/7 online.

The International Agape Choir, led by Ricky Byars-Beckwith (yes, she is the adorable wife of Michael), is so cool and hip, the music alone performed weekly will rock your heart to happiness.

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Here is the message I heard  from Rev Michael’s service delivered Sunday, Feb 16, 2014:

“Give yourself permission to be free. Give yourself permission to be in a higher vibration of consciousness, and come under the frequency of your Greatest Highest Good.

Awaken to the great possibilities within yourself, but allow yourself to evolve, and shift your point of view.  See beyond today’s limiting circumstances and listen up:  You are in a constant state of evolving towards your higher state of consciousness; know that You will be different six months from now. Yield to your highest vibration to become more You, the Real You.

Don’t let those around you keep you from your evolvement, your evolution. Release the cling-on aspects of life that hold you down like shackles, and evolve. Release and awaken through prayer and meditation and there you discover your true self – it is your Higher Self.

Then you’ll see there’s more inside of you waiting to express Itself.   Creativity, Joy, Right Seeing, and Genius will emerge as you express the true energy of God.  It comes from inside of YOU, always trying to evolve, for you are the expression of the God energy itself.

In this place you will have less fear, less agitation, less worry, fear and doubt.

“I am more than that (fear, worry, and doubt), and when I am in tune with my Higher Self, I lose these fears; they dissolve, in my new awakened awareness, that comes in a twinkling of a moment.”


Your real identity lies in your ability to see yourself from the outside, and with this awareness comes choice. You have the choice to respond with truth, from your higher awareness.

Here you choose healing, health, happiness, regardless of your condition, for this is the true likeness of God.  Those old thought forms that vibrate at a lower frequency – you can observe and discard that which is not in your best interest, as you participate in your own awakening.

As you observe yourself, you discover there is more of you than meets the eye; you find yourself enraptured by the Presence.

When you are connected to the Presence (the real You seeking to express itself) you will go through your day fully involved, not burdened by the stresses of the lower vibrations brought on by media, your job, or other daily activities that hold you down.

Always know and remain in the awareness that a mighty miracle is taking place in our lives. Healing and wholeness is revealed in us now, and everything is working together for our good, freedom and soulful liberation, with creativity, and compassion.  Here, absolute joy abounds.

 And So It Is.

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