When Will He Call Me?


As a psychic dealing with individuals in relationship crisis on a daily basis, the ‘numero uno’ question I get asked by clients following an argument with their loved one is: “When will he/she call me?”

Save your money, and don’t waste time with this question, because it can’t be answered in truth. Any psychic who tells you “I see him calling on Tuesday, at 4 pm…maybe by Thursday…” is not worth your time or money! Fire this psychic.

Here’s the deal. A good psychic can provide general information surrounding a situation, for example, a type of ‘weather report’ showing how the energy, mood, and feelings are flowing around an event. Your psychic may give details about what went down, or what was said.

IMG_0702But when a client asks “When will I hear from him/ her?” This is where free will steps in, and psychics are not in charge of, nor do we have power over Free Will. That is a lie, and shows unethical behavior on the part of a psychic who pretends to know this information. Now, a good psychic might get an impression of a potential outcome, and might say that the energy is ‘leaning in this direction.” But to declare a specific date and time is misleading and downright dishonest.

Let’s be clear. It is impossible to predict and interfere with free will. Psychics are messengers not Gods. Any psychic who states they can give you an exact time and date of when your loved one will call should be evaluated for ethical standards.

As awakened humans, we now know that we are Spiritual Beings inhabiting an earthly body during this incarnation, and knowing that, we are all One, and all Divine. A psychic can help you connect your higher self to your lower self, and give you insights into the relationships you encounter along the path of this incarnation. But it is not your psychic’s job nor talent to tell you how to proceed in your relationship, or whether so and so is ‘The One’!

Only You can answer that question. Only You possess the divine knowledge that comes from deep in your heart space – the Divine Space, nestled in your gut.

As a professional psychic with high ethical standards, I implore each and every one of you to embrace your true inner power, and know that You are enough, just as you are. It doesn’t matter when he or she calls, because You are all there really is, you are all that matter.

Now Say This. Let This Be Your Mantra:

I step into my power, my greatness, and my joy. I am set free from any expectations and attachments to any and all preconceived outcomes. I show up knowing that Spirit has infinite love and support for me, and that whatever transpires is for my greatest and highest good. I am enough, and perfect as I am, and I allow infinite possibilities and glowing talent in me to be unleashed here and now. I am all I need, and I allow and release the Divine Spirit to move and act through me. And so it is!

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