ASCENSION: Evolving to a Higher Vibration

Stairway to Heaven, Costa RicaSigns of the Ascension

Physical symptoms your body shows when your vibration is changing.

Here is a great article I discovered that outlines the physical symptoms your body gives off when you raise your vibration. It’s full of wonderful details to put your mind at ease…No, you are not going crazy. You’re just evolving! Sometimes it sounds like aging, and even menopause, but according to this expert, Kyrya – the vocal alchemist,  your vibration is on the rise!

You may feel disoriented, develop a skin rash, experience sleeplessness, changes in diet and exercise patterns, feel emotionally distant from friends and people in general. These are but a few examples of how, when our Spirit body is morphing, we will certainly feel the changes physically, which will then affect us emotionally – of course, it’s only natural. Take a moment to read the article below which will give you many more details of the evolution that is taking place within, and don’t worry, you are not alone.

This is the time of transformation, the unfolding of the New Paradigm. Our old ways are shifting, and dissolving like ether, sand through a sieve. It is the law of the Universe, that once manifestation has occurred in this dimension, it has already begun to deteriorate. It is the way of all things, as all things come to pass – even You. Who you are today, in this moment, will not be the same You tomorrow – and so it is!


Are You in the Process of Ascension?

Twin Flame: Different from a Soul Mate?

Twin Flame or Soul Mate? Nicaragua 2015

Twin Flame or Soul Mate?

 Many of my clients call about relationships that are perpetually in conflict, often where one person feels unfulfilled – even when being madly in love.

The challenge is knowing whether you are experiencing the sturm und drang of a Twin Flame connection, or just the last stages of a disintegrating relationship. This article by Sivana East, helps put the pieces together, and quite brilliantly describes the difference between a Soul Mate, and a Twin Flame. Enjoy!

Some of the Signs of a Twin Flame Relationship Are:

  1. The place of meeting. It was as if they fell out of the sky and into your lap. Neither one of you were looking for each other, it was Divine timing and circumstance that brought you together. Sometimes it is quite symbolic.
  2. They are your mirror. They will mirror back to you everything in your life that you need to address. Everything that has not been healed. They are there to show you YOU. Sometimes your entire life can change upon meeting them.
  3. The amount of energy created when you are together is magnetic. People around you will notice and feel the power between you. When you are together you can be an unstoppable force!
  4. You psychic and intuitive senses will be heightened upon meeting.
  5. There is usually something significant about their birthdate. They do not have to be born on the same day, month, or year, but there is just something peculiar about their date.
  6. The deep respect and love for each other means you will never want to hurt each other, and if there is a fight or disagreement between the two of you, it can feel devastating.
  7. You feel an almost immediate bond or connection with them usually right after meeting them. Like you’ve known them before or their energy feels very familiar.
  8. You will both complement each other. Your skill sets or abilities will work perfectly together because you’ve developed what the other one lacks or needs in your separation. And together you can work Magic!
  9. You can feel each other even when you are apart. You have a hard time getting them out of your mind. It could feel like an obsession but it is not. It is that you are so closely connected that you literally FEEL each other. Sometimes the time apart feels unbearable.
  10. You feel as if you are Home, that time stands still when you are with them; in other words, you have the ability to collapse time. And sometimes they might feel like a dream or unreal to you. But although you remain separate beings with your own individual life path you feel a sense of completeness with them.
  11. Even something as small as a hug can carry an intense surge of energy.
  12. They have similar beliefs and a life path to yours.
  13. You will want to give to them without ever wanting in return. Giving is the nature of this relationship.
  14. One of the most important signs that you have met your twin is that you have a feeling that this is something very different than any other relationship you have encountered before. The feelings you have for them sometimes cannot even be put into words. Total unconditional and complete love and acceptance. There is a special sacredness about your relationship that transcends anything you have ever experienced before. In essence, you already know, you will feel it with your whole being. No other relationship will be as life changing.
  15. You are aware that the purpose of your relationship is to bring something extraordinary to the world for the betterment of the planet.
  16. And lastly, one of my personal favorites is noticing the numbers 11:11. This number can appear anywhere. You may see it on clocks, receipts, computers etc. and in my own personal journey seeing 11:11 has always been a confirmation that I was on the right path, or a “Yes” to a thought I was having right before I noticed the time. It appears a lot when we are going through a growth stage. There are other meanings for 11:11. But that’s another whole topic on its own.


Keys to Lifelong Happiness: Live Each Day to the Fullest

Life's Adventures Lie Ahead

Life’s Adventures Lie Ahead

Happiness is a choice. Learn how your brain works so you can choose a positive outlook, and discover the true nature of your soul.


This is one of my favorite daily mantras. Begin each day with a positive outlook, even when troubles or challenges are in front of you. When you wake up each morning, make sure the thoughts in your head, the “mind chatter,” is rich with supportive words to ensure your day begins with a vibrational force that is encouraging. This way, the Universe,  the Mother Father Spirit, (whatever you want to call it), will match the energy you are emitting at the start of each new day.

Live each day to the fullest.

 Get the most from each hour, each day, and each age of your life.

Then you can look forward with confidence, and back without regrets.

Be yourself, but be your best self.

Dare to be different and follow your own star.

Don’t be afraid to be happy and enjoy what is beautiful.

Love with all your heart and soul. Believe that those you love, love you.

When you are faced with decision, make that decision as wisely as possible, then forget it.

The moment of absolute certainty never arrives.

Love, Agape Style

Agape means Unconditional Love (for all) in Greek. That is the central theme of the trans-denominational Agape Spiritual Center located in Culver City, California, under the direction of Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith.Wildlife in Costa Rica_141

Many may remember Michael Beckwith’s participation in the transformational movie The Secret.

 The following quote appears on the About page of the Agape Spiritual Center website: “Since its doors opened in 1986, Agape’s active teaching and practice of the New Thought-Ancient Wisdom tradition of spirituality has expanded into a trans-denominational movement and community of 9,000 local members and 1,000,000 friends worldwide. Through Dr. Beckwith’s weekly services, Agape’s University of Transformational Studies and Leadership classes, ministries and other outreach programs, the heart of Agape reaches deep into local and global communities teaching individuals about the transforming, healing power of prayer, meditation, and selfless service.”

nature revealed_3

Continue reading

Someone I Know and Love Has Cancer – What Next?

Hello Creative Imaginative Beings,

As a medical empath, I am regularly contacted by clients who are either suffering from cancer, or who have loved ones stricken with the Dis Ease. Like each of you, I too have known many people with cancer, and personally, more than 4 people in my own family have struggled, including my own sister who was diagnosed at 28 years of age with ovarian cancer, and given 3 months to live.

That was back in 1976, and at that time the doctors told my sister she would never survive, and even chemo and radiation would only slightly prolong her life, since the cancer was so advanced. She had tumors in her uterus the size of grapefruits.

But my sister said “NO!” to traditional medicine, and began instead, a natural cure involving juicing, coffee enemas, and tons of vitamins. And, she added Meditation. My sister not only cured herself 100% within a few months, she lived a long life, until she was killed in a freak accident 35 years later.

The whole point of this story is to share my knowledge with you all, because I have walked beside many cancer patients, and I know, as a psychic, that the traditional chemo and radiation treatment recommended by the AMA is the most toxic, and pitiful example of good medicine. Not only will this therapy harm you on a massive scale, it will potentially kill you.

I’ve decided to put together a comprehensive index of resources for anyone suffering from chronic disease, including heart disease, diabetes, and of course, cancer. Together we can help transform your body temple BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL HEALTHY STATE. Naturally.

It is not only possible, it’s relatively easy to heal yourself, and a lot cheaper than chemotherapy and radiation. Stand by for upcoming information that will transform your life. My first gift to you is the revolutionary documentary film created by Ty Bollinger, a personal hero, whose important research is changing the lives of millions each day, as we WAKE UP to TRANSFORMATION! Take back your power to heal yourself. It’s your body temple – no one else but YOU has the power to fix your machine.

Standing Rock Still Stands – Listen to Daniel Sheehan’s Critically Important Message

Hello Creative Souls and Light Workers,

Despite the recent pledge by the Obama Administration to honor the treaty, Standing Rock still faces grave danger.

Please take 15 minutes to listen to the message of Daniel Sheehan, public interest lawyer, delivered today, Dec 11 at the Agape Spiritual Center in Culver City, Los Angeles. Move forward to minute 27.5 for the speech, or listen to the entire spiritual message from Dr. Michael Beckwith and the inspirational music of Rickie Byars Beckwith:

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Sally The Medium – What Sally Rice’s Medium Services Can Do for You

Sally Rice is a talented medium. However, what can Sally the Medium do for you? Before we even answer that question, perhaps we should discuss what a medium is. A psychic isn’t necessarily a medium, but a medium is a psychic. Sally the Medium is both as you can see. What a medium does differently than a psychic is that he or she uses their abilities by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding their client. They rely on non-physical energy outside of themselves to get information that is relevant for the person receiving the reading. You don’t even need to be in the same room with Sally the Medium for her to tap into this energy.

Sally the Medium does Skype and phone readings as well as in-person readings. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, Spirit has a lot of information to share. Spirit is here to help guide you. Sally the Medium knows how to access Spirit to give you the information you seek and so desperately need to improve your life. Sally the Medium will help you open the channel between this world and the Spirit world so that you can receive love and light. Sally the Medium wants you to be the person you were meant to be.

Sally the Medium has been channeling spirit guides for over 35 years. She communicates with angels, guides and ancestors. Sally the Medium knows that when you are going through a difficult time, the Spirit world wants nothing more than to help you. Each and every reading is different because each and every one of us is different.

Are you feeling depressed, going through relationship or career troubles? Does life seem too overwhelming for you? Sally the Medium has information to help you get through this difficult time. We are delicate souls going through a human journey. It’s not meant to be easy. No, life is supposed to test us and teach us lessons we need to learn. These don’t often feel good. We may be at our wit’s end. Remember, Spirit is here to help us. Sally the Medium will help you learn what the Spirit world wants you to learn so that you can be your best self, a beacon of light and hope in this world.

Spirit is not scary. It’s not like in the movies. Our spirit guides and ancestors want to share the joy and beauty of the Otherworld with us. Sally the Medium can get you the answers you seek. Some of her clients have said that, Sally the Medium, “helped me see the whole picture more clearly.” “I feel I’ve had a mental tune-up to better understand what I’m dealing with.” “I felt connected immediately and she literally spoke to my heart and soul.”

Sally the Medium is a truly gifted psychic and medium. She will work with you to get you the answers you seek. A reading with her is a truly unique and enlightening experience. Visit Sally’s website at to book your reading today. You’ll be glad you did.

Best Psychics In America

Sally Rice is recognized as one of the best psychics in America. An extremely gifted clairvoyant and medium, Sally first noticed the gift at the tender age of two. Sally has never lost touch with her experience in the spirit world, and she can help you connect with loved ones, and/or receive needed advice that can help guide you in your life into the most positive and rewarding existence achievable. Continue reading

Signs of the Ascension – Physical symptoms your body is raising its vibration

Hello Light Workers and Cultural Creatives,

Here is a little gem I found yesterday from the Vocal Alchemist, Kyria Aluela Lumina, whose article really hit home. Kyria outlines all the symptoms that your vibration is changing, and her details on the subject will help you understand, you are not going crazy. No, your body is transforming on its journey towards enlightenment!



Ascension Symtoms: A New Body is Forming

Stairway to Heaven, Costa Rica


Where do we find the courage to remain present in the face of the unknown, the unpredictable, the uncontrollable—to this thing called Life?  Courage is not the absence or denial of fear; it is facing fear and surrendering to the gifts it offers: to change when change is needed, to embrace the unknown in spite of our fears and insecurities. We can actually begin to welcome such opportunities to become better acquainted with ourselves.

Images of Peru shot in February 2015 by

Images of Peru shot in February 2015 by