Sally’s Background

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“Sally began studying astrology and providing psychic readings when she was 15, using the Rider Tarot deck. At 19, she moved to Italy, where she lived for the next 11 years, completing University studies and working as and international tour guide.Sally portrait 2015 HS

After that chapter of her life, she returned to the United States and began a 23 year career as a costume designer in the motion picture industry.

During this time she raised three children: Sarah Rice, also a dynamic reader and handwriting analyst.  Her sons Jordan and Lucas are sensitives, and  have witnessed countless examples of psychic energy put to the test, yet the  strongest gifts appear to pass through the females of the family.

After a life-changing event which led to her Awakening, she left the motion picture industry in 2010 and began working as a psychic medium, photojournalist, and writer for newspapers and magazines, the Ojai Valley News, and Ventana Magazine being her favorites. This profound spiritual evolution also resulted the publication of her first book, The Quarry, available on Amazon, and in your local bookstores.

Traveling is still a major passion in Sally’s life. She continues her work as a photojournalist and has spent the last five years touring Central and South America, while based in Costa Rica. Sally has visited 48 countries and speaks four languages.

Sally can also be reached for immediate readings when online here: Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory; Shay Parker Best American Psychics; Psychics for Hire


“While history has been quick to tarnish the reputation of psychics and mystics, my work here is only that of love and light, intended for all those who wish to open their hearts and minds to release and activate their own powers of perception and intuition.” sally rice